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8 Classes Everyone Should Take

College is the time for students to prepare for their future careers through concentrated coursework and practice. Yet, it is also an opportunity for students to expand their perspective and gain knowledge that will shape their individuality for the years to come. So, beyond the required courses that students are required to take, I believe that students should choose their classes wisely and add these nine specific classes to their schedule at some point, credit permitting.

Interpersonal Communication

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Communication is key in every profession, whether you plan to be a lawyer or a librarian, it is imperative to posses the skill to articulate your thoughts and communicate with others.  An interpersonal communications class will teach you how to prepare and present speech for any occasion, as well as how to effectively speak in face-to-face situations.


Digital Media/Web Design

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We live in a digital age where nearly every company has a website, app, and social media presence. Even if you plan on starting your own business, it would be wise to know how to  expertly navigate technology as both a user and creator. This class would not only give you the ability to improve your online presence, but it would also provide you with an extremely marketable skill to add to your resume.


Self Defense/ Physical Education

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Safety is key, and in today’s age it is smarter to be safe rather than sorry. For any woman, I recommend you learn basic self defense techniques that can equip you for any unideal circumstance that you will hopefully never encounter. Beyond self defense, any PE course (i.e. fencing, ballroom dancing, scuba diving) is worth your while to take your college experience from 0-100 on the fun-o-meter. 


Application Software

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Word, PowerPoint and Excel, as well as other applications similar to the Microsoft Suite are the foundations on which every workforce stands. The ability to use software in more capacities than what is general knowledge is beneficial for everyone, and another marketable skill.


Personal Finance

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Budgeting, taxes, insurance, and investments are never taught in high school, yet the moment you become an adult you are expected to know how to use your money wisely.  For your own personal knowledge, I highly suggest that every student not well versed in finance management take a class that will teach you how to responsibly manage your income and funds.


Business/Business Management

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Whether you plan on starting your own business, working for a large company, or a small office business is the basis of every work environment. Though you may not be managing the company, it is useful to know how things operate and the reasons why. Not to mention, if your superior ever asks your opinion on a business matter, you should be able to answer intelligently!


Fine Arts

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Depending on your field, art may not be a marketable skill.  However, for your own mental health, art offers an opportunity for students to relax and let the tranquility of practice take over. You don’t have to be an artist to find peace in the work you do.


Professional Writing

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Resumes, business correspondences, and newsletters are just a few among many professional documents that employees are expected to know how to do. A class on professional writing will teach you how to properly form and develop such things for the professionality and efficiency of the office place.


Use your time at college wisely, and develop skills that can change your life!

Cecilia is a double major in Publishing Studies and Writing Studies Major. Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, she has a small addiction to sweet tea and online shopping. On campus, she is a member of the Hofstra English Society, Working Title, Overbooked, and Her Campus (essentially all the English clubs). She is also a tour guide, a writing center tutor, and an intern at Simon & Schuster.
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