8 Best Rom Coms to watch this VDay

Valentine’s Day is good or bad for some, however, there are so many amazing romcoms that you can watch this holiday. Whether your celebrating with your S/O or your besties, these movies will be perfect for your night in!

Crazy Stupid Love 


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Crazy Stupid Love is one of the best group movies that I have seen. With three different storylines you're bound to find something you can relate too. Like, who wouldn't want to be lifted in the air by Ryan Gosling?



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If you haven’t seen this one, you have to. I love the various parts of Amy Schumer that represent us all, and this story of how a one-night stander fell in love while battling her not so appealing boss is a great rom-com to watch this Valentine’s day!


Girls Trip


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This is one is made for the galantines day lovers! Girls trip is one of my favorite movies from 2017 and had me laughing the whole time. With rock stars like Queen Latifa, Regina Hall, Jada Pickett Smith and Tiffany Haddish, they are bound to leave you in stitches and remind you that you don’t really need a man as long as you have your girls! Haddish also, won multiple awards for best supporting actress in this rom-com.


50 First Dates


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50 First dates is an oldie, but a classic, and it just goes to show how far a man will go to get the woman of his dreams. Of course, not all men are as great as Adam Sandler of course, but hey, we can give them a chance! For those who may not have seen this classic, it is a romantic, love story about a man named Henry, who falls in love with a woman who has short-term memory loss.


The Proposal

I have always loved Sandra Bullock for her many acting rolls, whether its serious, funny or both, she has it down. In this hilarious movie, she gives Ryan Reynolds a hard time and forces him to pretend to marry her to keep from being deported.  




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The love story of all love stories, Grease has become a beloved favorite for many years, and Sandy is a girl that many of us have dreamed of being. This classic is a love story about a girl and a guy trying to figure out love, and is one that you won’t forget. Also, who wouldn’t want to actually live in a musical where every five minutes we just break out into song about whatever crisis we are having in our life?

13 going on 30 


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All I can say is if we aren’t all this way when were young, then, I don’t know what we are. This teen gets exactly what she wishes for and she finds out that not only is she is thirty, pretty, and "thriving,” but that love has a funny way of showing itself. This is definitely the perfect rom com to watch with your favorite gals.


The Longest Ride 


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As a country girl, this was what I had dreamed of when I was growing up – falling in love with a cowboy! However, The Longest Ride” takes you on a wild journey of love between a cowboy and a sorority girl who’s lives get intertwined with an older man. Through the past, this man teaches the couple how time goes by so quickly, and although things get tough, you will get through it.