7 Relationship Red Flags That You Shouldn't Ignore Just Because They're a "Good Person"



Sometimes it’s difficult to notice a partner’s red flags when you’re in the heat of the moment, but there are certain traits that you simply should not look past. Relationships are a complex thing and nobody is perfect, so sometimes there are things you have to look past. These nine red flags are ones that you shouldn’t ignore no matter how “amazing” they may seem in other aspects.

  1. 1. They rush into things too quickly

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    In some cases, rushing into a relationship is what’s best for both people involved. But many times, one-half of the partnership may feel left in the dust when things are advancing too fast. When your partner refuses to slow down to move at your pace, this is a huge red flag. It shows that they don’t care about how your feeling. If you have a talk with them about how you want to slow things down and they try to convince you it’s fine, then drop them. It is not going to end well since they clearly don’t care about what you want.

  2. 2. They cheated on their last partner with you

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    “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Maybe it’s just in their DNA, or maybe they don’t care about anyone besides themselves. If you were the ‘other woman’ then there’s a good chance there will be another woman in your relationship. Don’t let them fool you by saying it’s different this time. They did not respect their last partner and probably have not changed.

  3. 3. They won't compromise

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    If they won’t respect you enough to try and meet you halfway, then there’s no point in keeping them around. Compromising is huge in relationships and if they won’t even give in a little about small things, then that’s a red flag. Even if they are an amazing person, that doesn’t mean you always have to give them their way.

  4. 4. They push your physical boundaries

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    Pushing anyone’s physical boundaries is absolutely unacceptable. Whether it’s with high fives, hugs, sex, or anything else physical, under no circumstances is it okay to pressure someone into pushing their boundaries. If you are the slightest bit uncomfortable and they could care less, you should drop them right then and there. No matter what they want physically, it’s your body as well, so your say counts just as much.

  5. 5. They drive a wedge between you and your family or friends

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    Now there is a fine line between this and helping you realize your worth. It is important to note the difference. If your partner shows you how you should be treated and that results in you dropping the toxic people in your life, then that’s no red flag. But on the other hand, if they dislike your friends and family for no valid reason, if they just want you all to themself, or if constantly start fights between you and those you’re closest with then this is a red flag.

  6. 6. They're overly controlling

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    Being controlling in a relationship is never a good sign. Sometimes it’s just because they care, but a lot of times it is extremely unhealthy. If they are constantly telling you what to do and tracking you not just to make sure you’re safe, then that’s taking it too far. Your partner should be able to trust you and not be telling you what time you have to be home and who you can hang out with. They are your partner after all, not your parent.

  7. 7. They only talk about themself

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    Although it is a good quality to be proud of yourself and want to share your accomplishments, if the only topic they enjoy discussing is themself, then that’s a red flag. Somehow the conversation always leads back to talking about them and you don’t know why. They should want to hear about you just as much as you listen to them talk about themself.

Red flags are extremely difficult to see when you’re in the moment. Many times, people don’t realize all the red flags a person has until they’re out of the relationship. These are seven red flags you should look for in a person before taking things any further.