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7 Dorm Room Essentials That Are Often Overlooked

Every year, when I begin packing, I remember those weird little things that I wish I had had the previous semester. So here’s a shortlist of some dorm room items that I have deemed essential and sometimes forgotten.

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My mom was the one that thought of these when I was going into my freshman year. I don’t use them all the time, but they come in handy for cutting off the tags of things I probably don’t need but really want.


This seems pretty obvious, so obvious that I almost didn’t bring one because I thought a raincoat would be enough. Again, my mom saved the day and made me bring one, and now walking to class is a lot less sad and wet.


This isn’t necessary for everyone, but I found it really helpful for carrying around my ID and keys. I didn’t actually have a lanyard to bring, but I bought one at school. To save a little money I recommend bringing one if you have it.

Lint Roller

Before college, I rarely used a lint roller, simply because I wasn’t really thinking about lint or looking professional. I’m glad I brought one because I use it for my clothes and my couch.

Reusable Water Bottle

Almost everyone has a reusable water bottle since the environment is extremely important, but I never really knew how useful it would be to me. With filtered water fountains all over campus, I never have to buy water.

Lap Desk

I never understood why these don’t get more hype, but I love my lap desk. I’ve never been able to work at a desk, and with a lap desk, I never had to; I can do everything I need from the comfort of my bed.

Business Professional Clothes

It’s best to be prepared for interviews and internships from the start with a couple of pairs of dress pants and blouses. Once I knew that they were truly needed, I went out to buy some cute skirts and dresses wherever I could find a sale. (I apologize for the wrinkles, but packing was rough.

These few things might not seem that important, but trust us, you’ll be glad to have them. I forget things every year, no matter how many times my mom reminds me, but I’m slowly learning what’s actually important to take, and what’s not. Bless you, Target.


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