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7 Cheap Spring Break Ideas

You just got out of your last class of the day, the sun is still shining, and those looming paper deadlines seem a million miles away—spring break is finally here! With a whole week to relax before end-of-the-semester madness begins, it feels like the possibilities are endless – until you take a peek at your bank account and remember you’re not a millionaire yet. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap alternatives to make the most of your vacation time. So say “see you later” (not goodbye) to that dream trip across Europe, and try one of these options instead.

1. Take a road trip!

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It’s the most obvious (and probably the most popular) choice for a reason. Road trips perfectly capture the carefree, anything-can-happen vibe that makes spring break so great—and if you plan it right, you can crash at friends’ or family members’ houses along the way, which saves a ton of money.

2. Go geocaching.

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When’s the last time you went treasure hunting? Download the free Geocaching app, follow a set of coordinates to a specific place, where a geocache (container) is hidden, and add your signature and the date to the logbook. There are hundreds of geocaches near Hempstead alone!

3. Hit the farmers markets.

(via Midtown Farmers Markets)

Stock up on fresh, quirky products from places you’ve never heard of, and feel good about supporting local businesses. Even if you don’t buy much, it’s fun to wander, chat with sellers, and probably get a free sample or two.

4. Have a “fitcation.”

(via Huffington Post)

If travel is out of the question, use this free time productively (i.e. don’t lie in bed watching Netflix for a week straight). Hit the gym, attend Zumba classes, or just follow some friendly instructor videos on YouTube to get your beach bod in tip-top shape.

5. Visit museums.

(via Met Museum)

Time to get cultured! Museums are a relatively cheap way to make the most of your days off—and in some cases, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, they technically have no entry fees (they follow a “pay-what-you-wish” admission policy).

6. Volunteer.

(via Songsalive!)

There are tons of places that need short-term volunteers around this time of year like national parks, hiking trails, and libraries. This option is great for would-be vacationers who just can’t sit still!

7. Winery or brewery tours.

(via Brooklyn Brewery)

Chat with experts, tour the gorgeous facilities, and (of course) try out various beers and wines, sometimes paired with cheeses or even full meals. These tours can be surprisingly cheap—for example, the Brooklyn Brewery’s Small Batch Tour is only $10, and tours are totally free at certain times on Sundays!

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