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The 7 Best Swimsuits that Won’t Break Your Wallet

The cold weather has finally left the building! Now the time for fun in the sun has begun. When it comes to buying swimsuits though, they can hurt your wallet. Luckily, these swimsuits are not only college budget friendly, but also satisfy the requirements of being practical and fashionable.


This store not only offers inexpensive swimsuits, but all of their merchandise is college budget friendly. They have all styles and types of swimwear for everyone to enjoy. From mixing and matching to high wasted basic bikinis, Romwe is one of the best places to get swimsuits that won’t break your wallet (plus they offer really cute clothing).


Probably a cousin to Romwe, Shein is also a great place to get affordable swimwear this spring. They have a range of different cuts of swimsuits as well as various patterns, which give many opportunities of finding the right one. Shein also offers inexpensive and great cover-ups that can complete the look.


Zaful is the same price range as Shein and Romwe. One of the main differences is this store has different collections of swimwear. Zaful’s swimsuits collections include a Marvel swimwear line. This swimsuit line has graphics of a Marvel comic and letter printing the name of a specific graphic novel on the swimsuits.


While this swimsuit website is a little bit more expensive, it still won’t harm your wallet as much. Not to mention this clothing brand is dedicated only to swimwear, which almost guarantees they have awesome quality swimsuits. They have amazing mix and match swimwear, which some places sell for probably twice as much as what Cupshe is asking for.

Pretty Little Thing

This website offers swimwear that’s more of a classic look, but their swimsuits are still beautiful for what they’re selling it for. Pretty Little Thing also offers other beach attire that complements some swimsuits they sell, completing the whole look.

Forever 21

Their swimwear is one of the best places to look for simple looks like animal prints and solid colors. However, Forever 21 isn’t the best place to look for mixing and matching. Despite this, it’s still a great website to use when you’re looking for a swimsuit that’s relatively inexpensive.


When in doubt, Target is always the place to go to get last minute items. It’s probably not the most fashionable of places to look, but it’s still a good place to find a swimsuit if you need it at the last minute.

College budgeting and clothes shopping are likely to be believed as polar opposites. Luckily, these places prove you can shop and still get amazing pieces of swimwear on a college budget.

Sabrina Blandon is an English Children's and Young Adult Literature major with a minor in journalism. In addition to Her Campus, she is a staff writer for the Chronicle, the student-run newspaper at Hofstra. She's also secretary of the Hofstra English Society. She's consumes books like they're oxygen and annotates fairly well.
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