7 Best Places in Long Island to go Visit for a Photo Shoot

       After being cooped up inside for so long and not having anything to do, our instagram accounts have started looking a little bland. With our go to hang out spots still being closed down for the year it can be dificult to get those instagram-worthy photos. We're here with 7 of the best places in Long Island to go visit for a photo shoot that are safe and socially distanced. 

  1. 1. Long Beach Boardwalk

    Although the beach is residents only for the season, the Long Beach Boardwalk is open to all and provides an amazing view of the ocean. Home to some of the best sunsets on Long Island, this boardwalk will give you the best background for your photos. Open until 9pm every day of the week, you can also ride bikes or grab a cone of the famous Marvel's soft serve ice cream. (Masks are required in situations where it is hard to socially distance from other guests.)

  2. 2. Old Westbury Gardens

    Old Westbury Gardens is a great place to go if you're near Hofstra and you want a nature scene for your photoshoot. Filled with hundreds of different flowers, statues, ponds and more, you're guaranteed to get a few good pictures here. At this time to maintain capacity tickets must be purchased in advance, but with a valid student ID they're discounted to $10.

  3. 3. Planting Fields Arboretum

    Very similar to the previous location is this arboretum that is filled with many different trees and flowers. Use the fountain as a background setting, or have a friend take photos of you under the flower archways. There is a parking fee of $8 and masks are required inside the greenhouses.

  4. 4. Lavender by the Bay

    Unfortunately the season has ended for these purple plants; however, it is a must see for Long Island residents, so we've included this one in the list so you can mark your calendars for next season (usually March through July). Not only do the lavendar bushes provide an unusual background for photos, but there are many lavendar products to be purchased on site. A very relaxing location indeed.

  5. 5. Manor Farm Park

    Just like the lavendar, this sunflower field has an end to their bloom time; however, you still have some time to see them this season! This sunflower maze is a popular setting for many instagram photo shoots out there and admission is completely free. Who doesn't love sunflowers?

  6. 6. NYC

    Okay so this one is not technically in Long Island, but it's very close and provides so many unique spots for photo shoots. Everyone loves the city, so your instagram posts are guaranteed to get lots of attention. Remember to wear a mask at all times when using public transporation or near other people on the streets. 

  7. 7. Brightwaters Farms

    For your fall photoshoots, this pumpkin patch will give you super fun photos to post and will definitely get you in the fall spirit. There are hundreds of pumpkins, many tractors to sit on, and farm animals to feed. Make sure to clear up one of your Sundays for this location and be thirsty for some apple cider.

Now that you have seven new locations to visit, grab your roommates, a mask and a camera, and start taking pictures! We're looking forward to seeing all your new instagram posts this fall.