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The 7 Best Board Games to Play with Your Quarantine Crew

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

After spending all of this time with the same people, quarantine has become pretty boring. Whether you are with family or friends, sometimes you just need an escape from thinking about the terrible pandemic we are in the middle of. Board games are a simple way to bring people closer together and lighten the mood. Playing a game with the people you are stuck with is an amazing way to bond and pass the time along, while immersing yourself into a different world, even for just an hour or so.



Monopoly is a classic, and it simply never gets old. You almost certainly have at least an old beat-up version of Monopoly somewhere in the house, and this is a great way to kill a few hours and have fun doing it. Everyone’s inner greed comes out, and everyone stays focused on their opponents every move, carefully ensuring they collect all the money they earn. Although this game is a favorite, make sure you have a group who is in for the long haul, as the game seems to go on forever.

Trivial Pursuit

If you are looking for something for the whole family, Trivial Pursuit could be just that. There are so many different editions that you can easily find one that fits the needs of whoever you are quarantined with. You can go for the classic or family edition for fun that the whole family will enjoy, or you can go for one of the more niche editions, like horror movies or Harry Potter. Everyone loves to show off their trivia knowledge, and this game gives the platform to do so. You can play solo or in teams, allowing for some friendly competition between the group.


Everyone loves a murder mystery, and no game does murder mystery better than Clue. Everyone has different sleuthing strategies when it comes to Clue, which is why it is so fun. The players each want to be the first to solve the murder, some playing by chance, and others not guessing until they are certain they have the correct answer. No matter how you play, Clue gets you thinking and strategizing in a fun format.  


You need something to keep your brain going, and Scrabble does just that. When the Scrabble board comes out, it’s like school is back in session. Each person playing works with the seven letters they are dealt, trying to put together the words to get them the most possible points. The brain is working in full force as the struggle lies in finding words that fit on the already crowded board, while still attempting to land on the coveted “Triple Word Score” squares.

The Game of Life

A little bit of an ironic choice, as life as we know it has been put on hold because of the pandemic; however, The Game of Life allows you to take someone from the beginning of their life to retirement. It is a fun way to choose the path of your character, while also witnessing the events that come along to hinder the journey. This game is a favorite among many and is more of a low-stress game than some of the others.

Candy Land

Nothing says nostalgia like Candy Land. This game has been stacked at the top of my closet since I was a toddler, and every time I play it, I feel like a kid again. This is the game to play if you are looking for fun and are quarantining with kids of all ages. It is simple, and can both entertain young children, who are dying to have some fun, as well as allowing older players to reminisce about their childhood playing the same game.  

Cards Against Humanity

Not technically a board game, but nothing gets a whole group laughing like Cards Against Humanity.  This classic party card game can have a table full of people crying from laughter in seconds.  Be sure that you play this with a mature group that will not get easily offended, as the cards contain vulgar, yet hilarious material.

Here are just a few board games that will hopefully help you through these crazy times.

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