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7 Ariana Grande Songs To Match All Of Your Moods

With five albums under her belt, Ariana Grande puts out hit after hit and a discography full of fun, meaningful and vocal impressive songs. Her music can fit any vibe you are looking for, here’s seven Ariana Grande songs to match any of your moods:

“In Your Feels”

This is the perfect song to just lay in bed, turn the lights off and just feel sad and be in your feelings because everyone has those days. Ariana’s soft voice with the strings provides the best background music.

“Ready for a Night Out”

This song featuring Zedd is so funky and fun and an awesome song to dance to while you are picking out the perfect outfit or doing your makeup. 


Probably one of her best songs vocally, in my perfectly biased opinion, is all about being confident in your sexuality, your own skin and body. When you are feeling in the mood to feel yourself put on this song.

“In Love”

One of her OG songs still holds up even in 2020. This song is super sweet and takes you back to any first love or first crush. The R&B sounds mixed in with ’60s throwback vibes reflects someone blissfully in love.


An iconic song from last year takes “The Sound of Music” and twists it into an anthem for boss lady energy and makes you feel like you can take on the world. With now class lyrics like “I want it, i got it” it can make anyone feel independent and free. 


A very underrated song but should have gotten more credit during the “Dangerous Woman” era. This is a song gets you to take not anything from anyone and not let anyone stand in your way. The lyrics give the confidence to be who you are and no one can undermine you.

“Escape From Reality” 

“Sweetener” is a hopeful and fresh album from when Ariana was going through a rough point in her life and this song embodies how she felt and how she deals with her anxiety. This song is a “musical hug to her fans about dealing with mental health and to taking care of yourself.” 

Ariana has shown immense growth within her music not only stylistically moving from pop to more pop R&B and trap. Nevertheless, she continues to dominate the music industry and have her music fit for anyone.

Antonella is originally from Miami, Florida and is currently a senior english/publishing studies major at Hofstra University with a minor in public relations. She loves reading even with a never ending TBR pile, her adorable corgi Marble, and Ariana Grande. She hopes to land a job within the publishing industry when she graduates.