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6 Ways to Spring Clean this Year

It’s spring, so you know what that means – it’s time to get spring cleaning! There’s more to spring cleaning than just clearing out your closet, so keep reading to see all the ways to clean your life this spring. 

Cleaning out your closet

Photo by Hannah Johnson

Every year I always buy more and more clothes and every year I always pick the same few outfits to wear. This year, all of the clothes I haven’t worn in the last six months, I am getting rid of by donating to thredUP. thredUP is an online website based in NYC that allows you to buy perfect condition clothes at a fraction of the price! I have purchased a bunch of things from thredUP and I thought it might be time to give back! You can, however, sell your clothes to thredUP, but you have to remember that in order for them to give you the low prices, they have to get it for low prices. Their estimated payout per item is anywhere from $0.30 to $2. That may not seem like a lot, but it is better than nothing. They also don’t accept everything you send. But what they don’t accept, they will donate. Whether you chose to donate or chose to sell, either way, you will be helping someone else out. Spring is right around the corner and that means all those bulky winter clothes can be put away. Treat yourself to a little retail therapy and celebrate the warm weather that is to come!  

Cleaning up your photos 

Photo by Hannah Johnson

I swear I take more screenshots than any person I know. Sometimes my phone storage gets a little full! Also, as a blogger, I take like 500 shots of the same things and it gets a little hectic. During this time, go through your photos and delete the ones you don’t need anymore! That screenshot from last fall of directions to that little coffee shop on the corner, you probably don’t need. Clutter in your phone makes for clutter in your life!

Cleaning up your email

Image by Hannah Johnson

Throughout the year, I sign up for numerous newsletters to get that coupon they promised! Even if I no longer shop there, I still get the emails! I used the app Email…(ironic right?) to go through my email subscriptions and get rid of the ones I no longer want! I was getting almost 100 emails a day of just promotions and I was getting annoyed! Now I am getting much fewer and I feel so much better!

Cleaning out your room/house 

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Have a lot of stuff that you have just been hoarding over the last few years?  Be very harsh on yourself and get rid of that stuff. If it’s still in great condition, sign up for an eBay account and sell it on there! Last summer my mom made over $5,000 selling her Stampin UP! stuff. She wanted to clean out the house because she was downsizing. Even if you aren’t downsizing, you can still make some extra money and clean your house at the same time! By cleaning out your house, you’ll have less to clean and less to deal with! You can also use this time to deep clean your house. Get to those things that you keep saying you want to clean.

Cleaning up your social media 

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Social media can be great at times but toxic as well. Use this time to unfriend and unfollow the people that drive you crazy, irritate you, or even just bring drama into your life. You can also use this time to get rid of pictures that you don’t want on your profiles anymore. I just went through and purged my Instagram to make it blog worthy and I must have deleted 400+ pictures. I wouldn’t suggest doing that many but if that’s what you want to do go for it! Although what you post on the internet is never truly deleted, you can help yourself a little bit by getting rid of the ones on your main profile. For Instagram, you can only delete 50 pictures at one time. So, if you are planning to purge that many, remember there is a small limit.

Cleaning up your phone 

Image by Hannah Johnson

You’ve purged your emails, cleaned out your Instagram, and organized your pictures. The last thing that you need to do is clean out the rest of your phone. Are there apps that you don’t use anymore? Delete them! All they are doing is cluttering your phone and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!

What ways are you spring cleaning this year?

Cover Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Hannah is currently a junior journalism major and graphic design minor at Hofstra University. She's a small town girl from Vermont who moved to the big city with high hopes and nowhere near enough money. Hannah has a big heart for animals, writing, designing, and Netflix. She is an aspiring journalist who's bucket list includes traveling around the world and working in the magazine industry.
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