6 Ways to Pack Lightly for a Vacation

Traveling is a fun and exciting experience, especially when going overseas. However, many people tend to over pack and struggle to manage their excess amount of personal belongings throughout the course of the trip. This can put a damper on the vacation because you have to worry about lugging a heavy bag (or bags) as you travel.

Here are just a few tips to help you pack all the essentials necessary for a vacation without all of the extra weight.

Photo courtesy of Erwan Hesry

1. Ask yourself if the item is something you will actually use

We tend to pack more than we need out of fear of running out. Always try to rationalize everything that you pack based on how long your trip is. Pack only what you think you’ll use and nothing more.

2. Pack travel size shampoos and conditioners EVEN if you are checking luggage

Travel size shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body wash, etc. are more compact, and you will likely not even run out. Pack based on your trip length.

Photo courtesy of Clem Onojeghuo

3. Roll shirts and leggings

Any light or thin clothing can easily be tightly rolled, leaving more space in a suitcase. This also makes it easier to close the suitcase.

4. Lay larger or thicker clothes overtop rolled clothes

Save thicker or bulkier clothes for last when packing light. Lighter items will be rolled and compressed at the bottom of the suitcase, allowing room to lay bulkier clothes on top. They can then be pressed down and tucked in.

5. Pack flat toiletries

For example, bring a flat comb instead of a brush. Too many random items poking up inside of luggage can take up unnecessary space and make it harder to close.

Image courtesy of STIL

6. Wear bulkier clothes while traveling so you don’t have to pack it

I, for one, am notorious for wearing the bulkiest items while I travel so that I don’t have to force them into my suitcase. And as an added bonus, it'll keep you warmer in chilly airports and planes. 

Packing for that incredible vacation should not be such a hassle with these six tips. Packing lightly for a vacation is far less difficult when the process is thought through and made more practical.

Cover photo courtesy of STIL