6 Things to Consider Before Jumping Into a Relationship

Starting a new relationship can be refreshing. There’s nothing like the excitement of being with someone who you feel is a perfect match for you.However, a healthy relationship is only possible when you evaluate the situation and make sure you are both ready for the commitment. Here are seven questions you should ask yourself before diving head first into a new relationship.

1. Are you over past relationships?

Never start a new relationship if you’re still hung up on an old one. If you are struggling with a devastating breakup, it is definitely best to take some time for yourself before getting involved with someone new. No one wants to be a rebound!

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2. Are you able to commit time to the new relationship?

What are your priorities? There should be a balance between a busy schedule and relationships. That extends to friends, as well. Don’t commit to a relationship in which the person holds you back from doing the things you love. You should be allowed to make time for both.                            

3. Does the person have time for you?

Similarly, you don’t want to be with a person who puts EVERYTHING before you. Again, balance is key to a healthy relationship. They should be able to spend time with you, while keeping up with their busy schedule as well.

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4. Is the person liked among your friends and family?

If your closest friend and family don’t like the person you are dating, then that could be a serious red flag. The people who have known you the longest generally have your best interests in mind. They tend to see the little things that you overlook when you really like someone.

5. Do they have a sense of direction?

You don’t need someone who lacks motivation to bring you down. Positive energy and encouragement is important for couples, especially in college. We are all still figuring out exactly what we want to do, and dating someone who has no idea won’t benefit you in the future.

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6. Do you have a general knowledge about their past?

You should be asking each other questions about previous relationships before you start dating, just to get an idea about who you’re getting involved with. Don’t harp on the subject, but get a general idea. Also learn a little bit about what they were like before you met, such as if they played sports or were involved in any clubs or organizations.

New relationships can be exhilarating. However you should also remain realistic and look and the situation from a different perspective. As much as you may want to start dating that person, consider how compatible you really are in order to begin a healthy and happy relationship.

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