6 Ideas for the Perfect Galentine's Day

A very important holiday is just around the corner, and if you think I’m referring to Valentine’s Day, I recommend you stop reading here. It’s time for Galentine’s Day! A day created solely to show your love and gratitude for your friends? Yes, please! Here’s a general itinerary of some fun things to do this Galentine’s Day.

  1. 1. Brunch!

    Breakfast Brunch Toast Granola Food

    Now, obviously everyone probably has classes, but going out to a restaurant is not essential for a fun brunch with your friends. Make some toast, scramble some eggs, and you're set! As long as you’ve got the perfect company, you’ve got the perfect brunch.

  2. 2. Make each other cute cards

    Handmade cards are sweet and free! I personally love the meme-like cards that are posted on Twitter, and I even used to give them out to my friends in high school. They were quite the hit, so I definitely recommend making one yourself.

  3. 3. Get flowers for your friends

    Kayla Bacon-Friends With Flowers

    Sometimes it’s fun to buy yourself flowers on Valentine’s Day, but do you know what’s even more fun? Buying flowers for the amazing support system that is your group of best friends on Galentine's Day!

  4. 4. Dress up and go out for a nice dinner OR dress up and make dinner at home

    Someone Great Netflix

    Some very nice local restaurants to peruse include Vincent’s Clam Bar, The Cuban and Akbar Restaurant! However, if you and your pals don’t feel like spending a pretty penny on food, eating in is always an option. Perhaps a cute potluck situation! No matter what, dressing up is absolutely a necessity.

  5. 5. Wine night!

    The Lalawine With Friends

    If you and your gals are all 21 or over, have a wine night! For all my underage beauties out there, do not fret; grab some sparkling grape juice and have the time of your life with your favorite humans. 

  6. 6. Watch a girl-power movie

    miss congeniality sandra bullock

    Bring the night to an end with a movie about women doing what they do best, which is simply being amazing. Some personal favorites of mine are "John Tucker Must Die," "The Other Woman," "Legally Blonde," "Mona Lisa Smile," "Someone Great," and "Miss Congeniality."

And boom! You and your friends have just had the perfect Galentine’s Day. You can thank me later. A happy Galentine’s Day to all, and to all, a good night.