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5 Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in a Healthy Way

Nothing can ruin that first bite of your dessert or in-class snack faster than remembering how unhealthy it is. But you don’t have to switch to leafy greens or give up dessert time altogether; you just have to be smart about your sweets. The next time you’re craving some sugary goodness, whip up one of these options that sacrifice the extra calories and keep the decadent flavor.

1. Parfait

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Whether you pick up a cup on campus or make your own, the classic yogurt/fruit/nuts combo is sweet, creamy, crunchy and filling all at once. Think of it as a healthier alternative to ice cream, especially if you go with nonfat yogurt, a mix of berries, and some flaxseed (a good source of antioxidants and fiber). For extra sweetness, you can sprinkle on a layer of crushed graham crackers, dark chocolate chips, or even (of course) sprinkles!

2. Banana Pops 

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Like a superfood lollipop, this treat has plenty of potential. Bananas are packed with potassium and only contain a cool 105 calories, so get creative in how you dip them! Try freezing them and then rolling them in melted chocolate, honey, granola, whatever tickles your fancy.

3. Chocolate Avocado Pudding 

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Did your heart just skip a beat? Ours too. If you have the time and the curiosity, you’ve got to try this unlikely combo of two classic culinary faves. If it’s not your thing or you’re just too lazy to make your own pudding (been there), a regular store-bought pudding cup does the trick. It’s generally a little over or under 100 calories, and one of its primary ingredients, milk, contains a healthy dose of Vitamin D and calcium. Good for the bones!

4. Nutrition Bars 

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Yes, they have a less-than-ideal reputation, and it’s hard to imagine that a nutrition bar could replace the gooey, calorie-inducing sweetness of, say, a brownie sundae. But they’re a lot better than the tasteless bricks you’re probably imagining, especially brands like KIND and LUNA (the latter of which is especially made for women). And they have a lot more flavors than you’d expect—including caramel nut brownie!—that fill you up for hours and prevent that mindless snacking.

5. Milkshakes or Smoothies

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Another very campus-friendly option, these can seem like meals in themselves. They’re packed with more fruits or veggies than you could probably eat (or want to eat) in one day, but the light and creamy consistency doesn’t weigh you down. Mix in your choice of yogurt, skim milk, flavored protein powders, or whatever magic combo you think of for a refreshing and healthy treat.

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