5 Ways to Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship Happy and Healthy

Whether they're 30 minutes down the road or a 3-hour flight across the country, it's an everyday struggle to keep up a long-distance relationship with someone you love. But, new people, new commitments and new schedules can only impact your relationship if you let them! In the end, reuniting with your partner can feel like a dream, and I can help you get there. In this article, I'll give you the top 5 ways I've kept my Texan SO "around" in my New York life and how you can do the same!

  1. 1. Set a schedule you both can commit to!

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    It can be weekly, monthly or even daily if you can keep up with it! Make sure to write your FaceTime date down alongside your typical homework list or work calendar and schedule a time that works around both of your classes, jobs and free time. Sticking to the same time every day or the same day every week can help both of you carve out some special time for your special someone.

  2. 2. Introduce your SO to your friends!

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    The best way to ease their mind about not being together is to show them who you're typically with. Be proud to show them off to your new friends! Especially be sure to include them in the socially-distanced, and often virtual, events that you participate in. Including your partner in your new life is key to keeping both parties happy. You can spill the tea, and they can be involved! 

  3. 3. Send gifts, simple and special!

    It's important to follow up your words of affirmation with some gifts here and there! Mine were typically as simple as letters (since I truly am a broke college student), but they can range from simple handmade projects to books you've read in class or even large packages from Amazon! This season, I sent my SO room decor for his new house. Be creative and put your personality into it!

  4. 4. Keep. Texting. Minimal.

    Not only does it distract you from the life you're living (which is equally as important as your partner's), but texting can be ambiguous and problem-causing. My recommendation is to use Snapchat to stay in touch, or as I mentioned earlier, simply giving your lover a call to hear their real voice. Of course, texting can't be avoided, and it's definitely not the evil spawn in a relationship, but in my experience, it usually leads to an argument neither of us intended to have!

  5. 5. Say words of affirmation in your dreams!

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    The lovey-dovey stage comes back when they're not with you to cuddle. Morning texts, bedtime Snapchats and all the in-between need to be so ingrained in your habits that you could do them while you're asleep! Complement them over the phone, swipe-up on those sexy stories and keep letting them know you love them. That's the most important thing! No matter where you two are in the world, you're together, and don't let them forget that.

You may be stressed about not seeing your partner for a while or disheartened that they can't rub your back to sleep. It doesn't matter how much money you spend or what hoops you jump through. All that matters is your love for each other! If I can do it, you can too. Happy FaceTiming!