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5 Tips for Creating (and Keeping!) Your Habits and Goals This Spring!

Getting over that end-of-the-winter slump and preparing to jump into spring is the time of year when just about everyone is trying to do some self-renovating. Whether or not New Year’s resolutions stuck with you or slipped out of control, spring is the perfect time to get back into it. 

Here are five tips for your mind to get back into your grind!

Decide what your goals are
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When deciding on goals for this spring, think about what you want for yourself compared to what you and your body need. What specifically is the goal that you want to achieve? When do you want to accomplish it? Make sure the steps it takes to achieve this goal are solid and thought about. Dream BIG, and don’t let your goals be vague!

Have strong reasons behind your goal/s

The reasons behind your goal are what will help you stick with it. Think about how it will reward you in the end, and how you will feel when you notice it becoming a habit! Also, think about how you might feel if you work towards this goal and don’t accomplish it. This might motivate you to take the right steps to feel proud!

Take action (and actually COMMIT!)

Don’t procrastinate. It only pushes your goals farther and farther away from you. Everybody has off days, but it is all up to you to change that for the better. Take control and break down your goal into small steps. You will feel so much more accomplished by making small progress than no progress at all. This will make you feel more motivated! 

Plan out your day the night before
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If anything has helped me take steps to achieving my own goals, it is this: plan out your day the night before. At the very least, think about your morning and the things you need to accomplish that day ahead of time. Personally, it helps me to create an order of events in my head and go from there. Go into your days with confidence, and stop trying to control everything that life throws at you at once!

Focus on one goal at a time

You can have as many goals as you want, but the reason that they won’t stick with you is that you’re trying to achieve all of them at once! Take a breath and take it one step at a time. Once you achieve your main focus, go ahead and add new but small changes that will help challenge yourself more so that you don’t get bored. Keeping a journal and tracking your progress will help when you start to add new goals on top of your other ones. Looking back on all of your progress will only help to motivate you more.

Overall, being able to create habits and genuinely stick to your goals is hard work, but you have to remember that you can do anything that you set your beautiful mind to!

Maggie is a sophomore at Hofstra University in New York. She is majoring in journalism and has a design minor. She has a passion for fashion and modeling, blogging, mental health and beauty.  She loves to write, share her opinions with the world and is eager help build her experience in any way she can.
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