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5 Tips and Tricks to Staying Fit at Hofstra

Whether you’re a senior and think you’ve “been there, done that” or you’re a freshman and have just begun to hit your stride, college is an adjustment. There’s no better time than now to set the tone for the next year to come. Starting habits now, while it’s not as cold will definitely help to make sure you’re not feeling the late nights and college food by mid November. We’ve devised some quick tips and reminders to help you on your way.


1. Gym Dates with the Girls

Find some of your friends that are able to go to the gym with you and make it a part of your weekly schedule. This is the no nonsense type of motivation you’ll need to keep going to the gym once the weather officially cools down. These girls will keep you on target and help you reach your goals. You’ll also have people who will notice the progress you’re making on a daily basis, which definitely serves as a confidence booster.


2. Personal Reflection

Keep in mind that your body is unique and needs different things. While you may be going to the gym with your best gal pals, only you know what’s best for your body. You only have one, so give it the love it deserves. Focus on your own goals and move at your own pace but make sure to motivate each other Make it a big ol’ love fest.


3. Walk and Talk

Whether you’re a gym rat or not, exercise is important and an easy way to get some in is to walk as much as possible. Now we know time is precious in college so this could be walking to class with friends, or choosing to go on your own tour of campus to remember all of the interesting places and hide outs this school has. The next time your gal pal wants to catch up or talk about something important, suggest doing it while you walk around and admire the leaves changing colors and get some autumn into your system. We do live in an arboretum after all!


4. Alternative Snacking

We all know food on campus isn’t the best and when it comes to snacks, it’s really easy to stop by Dutch and pick up a bag of your favorite junk food. However, if you invest a little bit of your money, you could grab some healthier versions and feel better while still filling that craving. You could take the shopping shuttle and stop by Trader Joe’s and do a monthly food haul. Or get it done right on your computer by looking at monthly snack subscriptions like Graze or Nature Box. They both provide healthy and mostly organic snack options that still taste amazing straight to your mailbox.


5. Take Mental Health Days

Take a day to yourself to just lie in bed and binge some of your favorite shows. It’s really easy to get sucked into requirements and deadlines and forget about yourself and your body. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself and listening to what your body is telling you. Those deadlines will be there when you check back into the world. But this time you’ll be refreshed and ready to face them with a new perspective.


Currently a Sophomore at Hofstra University working towards a BA in Journalism, with a minor in Sociology. In the past Clare has worked for the non-profit Plan USA to help run youth advocacy programs and has worked to promote youth governance and youth empowerment in social activism. After graduation, Clare hopes to work for Buzzfeed (fingers crossed) or another online news source. She is looking for her big break in life with the least amount of mistakes on the journey there.
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