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5 Things to You Should Cook With Your Friends!

Trying to find a fun activity to do with your best pals? Well look no further! Food is a great way to bring people together, and it’s even more worthwhile when you cook it yourself. Cooking together might be chaotic at first, but planning and making a meal together can be super rewarding and fun. So, grab all of your friends and get ready for a fun night in.


Sushi is one of my favorite foods, and I know I’ve always really wanted to try making it myself. Get some rice, seaweed, fillings of your liking, and a bamboo mat to properly roll your sushi. Fish can be pretty expensive, so if you’re not looking to drop a ton of cash, try making some veggie sushi! Whatever you and your friends decide on, the outcome is sure to be tasty!


Baking is always a good time. You could make cookies or a simple cake, but I think cupcakes give you a little more freedom to get creative with flavors and decorating. If you have a sweet tooth, a cupcake baking and decorating night could be the perfect way to spend time with your friends.


You can go sweet OR savory with this one (oh baby!) or if you’re feeling really wild, why not do both? This is an easy way to snack and have a nice evening with the ones you love. Get some chocolate and cheese, melt them in their own respective bowls or pots and get dipping! Fruits, graham crackers and marshmallows pair nicely with the chocolate, and some fun crackers, veggies, and breads go great with the cheese. Fun and classy.


A make your own pizza night? Absolutely! Get some dough (or if you’re lazy, premade naan and pita bread works great), sauce, a variety of cheese, and literally any and all of the toppings. Everyone has the freedom to make something they like, and you can chat as you prep your pizzas.

Charcuterie Board

We love a wine and cheese board night here at HC Hofstra. Get a fancy little plate and an array of your favorite cheese, crackers, meats, fruit, nuts, jams and spreads. I go hog wild for a little charcuterie board. Some goat cheese? Yes. Fancy crackers? Oh absolutely. Some JAM and FRUIT to COMPLIMENT the CRACKER AND CHEESE??? SIGN ME UP IMMEDIATELY. Charcuterie boards can help you and your friends have a little fancy night in. Treat yourself to a cheeseboard and a bottle of wine (if you’re 21), you deserve it bb.  

While a night out may be more appealing, it’s always nice to have a chill night in with good company. Cooking or putting something together as a group is so rewarding, and can be a pretty underrated way to spend a Friday night. Grab all your friends and get to the store, we’re cookin’ tonight!

Micaela is a senior journalism major with a minor in civic engagement. She's known for her love of coffee and being funny online.
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