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5 Things To Thank Your Mom For

TBH we all know by now that women run the world. The most important thing is how in the world we got to this place and I’m a firm believer that power comes from leading by example. The first example we have when we’re young is our moms and as much as we tried to fight them off at every step of our teenage angst days, they stuck it out. Now moms are the best friend you wish you embraced a whole lot earlier!

I’ll keep it simple, but we all know moms do so much more than just these 5 things for us.


Unconditional Love

I don’t know about you but I look back now and realize I was pretty mean to my mom at some points during my teens! Somehow moms have this magical thing called endless patience—that I’m hoping to acquire someday, that makes them take our 1000+ door slams and still hug you the next day. What we deserved for this? I’m really not sure but #blessed. 


Showing Us Strength

In addition to going into labor for however many hours that our moms will never let you forget, moms have some serious strength! We all see the stories of moms rescuing their children in accidents by suddenly developing superhuman power. Our moms definitely show us what strength and power looks like, especially when they juggle a million things at once and never complain.


Our Sense of Style

I’m finally admitting it—I got my style from my mama and I’m proud of it! With each new fashion trend i.e. high waisted jeans, crop tops and my sudden love for turtlenecks, I can see my mom’s side-eye as she yet again informs me about wearing it back in the day. The cool thing about style being something that is passed down is moms can let us know the next fashion trend before it even happens.


Being Our Personal Motivator

Show of hands for those of you who call your mom every time you want to quit school or your job stress you out. I’ll raise them high for all of us! A number of pep talks moms manage to squeeze in between our incomprehensible sobs is impressive. It’s like moms are given a playbook when we’re born and have a list of things to say for every occasion. Especially the mental breakdowns that come during finals that have us feeling like Britney circa 2007.


Giving Us a Bright Glimpse Into The Future

If I haven’t said it enough, moms are superheroes. Whether or not you want to be a mom in the future, you have to admit that they’ve made the idea of growing up seem less scary. To all the girls who love their mom like a best friend, I think we can all agree the toughest part of growing us means they’re gonna let you go a bit more. Give it a few years and we can give the signature punchline: Mama I made it!

Now if you haven’t said I love you to your mom today, I strongly advise it. Maybe even send this to her—but make sure she has a box of tissues nearby!

Hofstra '17 Hofstra Chapter Vice President (December '16 - December '17) From a young age Naledi has been obsessed with all things pop culture and entertainment. Through writing for Her Campus she has been able to reach a large audience of badass collegiate women who share her crazy passions as well. Beyond Her Campus Naledi is IN LOVE with Hofstra. Her favorite part? The school of comm for allowing her to branch out and get a real dip into the real world prior to graduating. Additionally Naledi is one of those classic people who studies abroad in the spring of 2016 and won't ever stop talking about it! Her best advice? Go and see the world kids and fall in love with your major like Ali and Noah from the Notebook fell in love with each other.
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