5 Reasons Why You HAVE To See The Movie A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is about a family that is trying to survive during a post-apocalyptic time where they are in danger of creatures that hunt solely through sound.

After seeing this movie for a second time time, I found myself crying just as hard as I did the first time. I am not a movie critic, but just someone who loves a good movie. I had no idea going into the theater that this movie would have such an impact on me. By the way, I NEVER cry during movies. So, here are a few reasons I believe you should watch this movie!

John Krasinski like you have never seen him before.

John Krasinski is best known for his role as Jim Halpert in The Office and his character in the Emmy Award winning show that aired for nine seasons was always pulling pranks and cracking jokes every opportunity he had. In interviews, Krasinski definitely resembles the fun-loving salesman he played on The Office and honestly, just seems like a really fun-loving guy. The 38-year-old actor produced this post-apocalyptic horror movie, while having zero experience with the genre. In the movie, Krasinski plays a father, Lee Abbott, in this record breaking horror film. Throughout the movie, Krasinski is constantly doing everything he can to protect his family and you can feel how much pain he is in throughout the movie without even speaking. He is faced with the challenges of loss and sacrifice, something Krasinski usually never does in any of his movies or shows. It is more than just a father fighting off a scary monster, it comes down to how much will this man do to make sure his family is healthy and safe. It may seem a bit vague, but I definitely do not want to spoil the movie considering this is an article on why you HAVE to see it!

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s first time working together.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have both been offered to do a lot of rom-com movies together according to Krasinski in an interview, but have never accepted. The way the real-life couple genuinely portray a struggling yet close-knit family is truly heartwarming and you can definitely feel how much they love each other onscreen and off. The couple in the movie goes through extremely traumatic scenarios together, which only continues to prove their chemistry is incredible.

*SPOILER* Blunt’s character has to give birth and STAY QUIET.

Yep, you read that correctly. Blunt’s character has to manage to give birth to her child while staying quiet after their house is inevitably infested with two of the sound-hunting creatures. It is an extremely nerve-wracking scene where you are on the edge of your seat wondering how the heck is this woman going to do this!

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There is barely any dialouge.

Of course the movie has dialogue, but most of it is in sign language. The entire family is constantly signing to communicate and stay alive at the same time. Since their daughter is deaf, they already know sign language, which I am sure made it easier for the family to function despite their circumstances of hiding from these ruthless, homicidal creatures. I am not one who likes to read an entire movie in subtitles, but you do not even realize it because of how well it was directed and how “visually interesting” this film is. The labor scene where Blunt’s character has to remain quiet is so much more powerful as you can see her struggle through the pain without saying a word. Does she successfully deliver this child and stay quiet the whole time? You will have to find out!

It's the first $100 million horror film of 2018.

In only one weekend, this record breaking film grossed $50 million, and now, the film has proven to be the first horror movie in 2018 to surpass $100 million. A Quiet Place continues to rake in some serious money even after being out for 3 weeks.

Be sure to check out this record-breaking horror film in a theater near you.