5 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence Pretty Much Took Over the World in 2013



Face it. Even if you don’t want to like Jennifer Lawrence, you do. It’s almost like you don’t even have an option in the matter. She is hilarious, drop-dead gorgeous, pretty kick-ass at acting and amongst it all, she is still able to keep it real. Jen, we are not worthy.

Here are five simple reasons as to how Jennifer Lawrence has threatened to take over the world in 2013 with her adorable, quirky little self:

1. She looks amazing even as she is flying through midair at the single most prestigious awards show in Hollywood.

Yeah we’re talking about the trip heard around the world. When Jennifer Lawrence fell on her way up to get her Best Acress Award at the Oscars, America also fell…in love with her. While her lack of grace may have been a source of embarrassment for the young star, she got a hand up from Hugh Jackman and stole the show with her adorable thank-you speech. So like, yeah, I’d say she still wins on that front.

2. A simple haircut has sent most of the world in a tizzy.

This girl literally plays a character that is notorious for her long, luscious, braided brown hair. How will Katniss’s mother braid her hair before she heads back into the arena in Catching Fire? What will Peeta think, or better yet, what would GALE think?! But J. Law does what J. Law wants, and a short, blonde pixie was in the cards for her. The deed is done, and while Jennifer Lawrence and Hunger Games fans everywhere are weeping over the death of J. Law's long locks, we can’t help but notice that she is still looking absolutely gorgeous with her new do’. 

3. She seems to be starring in every other movie that hits the box office.

Not only has Jennifer Lawrence taken over the Hunger Games franchise by playing the badass District 12 girl who takes over the Capitol, she has also starred in a number of other films alongside some big names. J. Law made herself known in the X-Men films as Mystique and also had a tear-jerking performance in Silver Linings Playlist alongside the hunky Bradley Cooper. While she is the star in so many big-name films, I always like to revert back to her roots. If you’ve never seen the British indie love-story, Like Crazy, you have got to check out our girl Jennifer on the somewhat smaller screen.

4. She is the best interviewee in the business.

Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much notorious for being hilarious in interviews. She has known to speak her mind, usually talking about food and refusing to answer stupid interview questions. She will talk about pretty much anything, including the time that she admitted that she took a shot before her Oscars speech. If J. Law could get away with taking a shot before a speech in front of all of Hollywood, I should probably take a shot before my history presentation. Liquid courage is no joke folks.

5. She looks good in ANYTHING.

No but literally, ANYTHING. She looks stunning after running around for a few days in the wild with nothing to eat or wash with. She looks stunning on the red carpet. She looks stunning falling up the stairs at the Oscars. She looks stunning with long hair, short hair, blonde hair, brunette hair, hell she’d probably look stunning bald. I’d like to TRY to see someone make her look bad, because let me tell you, it ain’t happening.