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5 Out-of-the-Ordinary Bagel Orders That You Need to be Obsessed With NOW

A bagel with cream cheese is a classic and very tasty combination, but it can get boring after a while. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try to spice up your bagel but didn’t know-how. This list covers some sweet and savory options to make sure your bagel isn’t plain. Here are five out-of-the-ordinary bagel combinations you may never think of to try, and need to! 

Cheesesteak Bagel

Cheesesteak has a bit of everything: meat, cheese, onions, peppers, and more. Putting this on a bagel only enhances the already tasty sandwich. This combination is good for someone who loves a sandwich with lots of bread, and who hates bread? The beautiful photo above by Brandon Hayes shows that. This combination can even be used on mini bagels to make sliders. 


Pizza Bagel

Pizza bagels are the adult version of bagel bites yet smaller than a real pizza. They are easy to make and easy to substitute. In this photo by Black Seed Bagels, you can see all you need is a sauce, cheese, and any toppings you want to add, like pepperoni. Pizza bagels can also meet any dietary requirements and make sure you’re not missing out on this bagel combination!

PB & J Bagel

This peanut butter and jelly bagel will transport you back into your childhood. Sometimes we want the comfort of our youth but having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich sounds a bit too simple, as seen in this photo by Boychik Bagels. This combination can swap out the peanut butter for any type of nut butter, and even substitute the jelly for some fresh berries. On the bagel, the berries don’t get crushed as easily as they do on plain bread.

Bagel With Any Kind Of Sweet Toppings

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this combination, especially because it offers a lot of space for creativity. You can add sweet cream cheese, like strawberry, with chocolate chips. You can even add cookie dough, cookies such as Oreo crumbs, and much more! This photo by Sophie captures that!

Avocado Toast Bagel

This combination is like avocado toast, but better! The avocado has that creamy texture, and if you are looking for a healthier substitute for cream cheese, this is it. You can add an egg and even some type of greens and it will be in an enclosed space, so there are no worries of something falling out, like if this combination was on toast! 


If you’re ever craving a bagel, but want something other than cream cheese, you now have five more unusual ideas to pick from! These combinations can really help you create a fancy bagel for whatever flavor you’re craving, whether that be sweet or salty.

Dorothea Armijos is a journalism major with a fine arts minor. She is currently a student at Hofstra University and is a part of the graduating class 0f 2023.
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