The 5 Most Essential Shoes For Your Spring Wardrobe

Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t a perfect character by any means. There are times when I’m glad I have more common sense than her at 20 than she did at 35. However, one thing that I will always be envious of is her shoe collection. She had a shoe for every occasion, and that’s something I think we can all admire. Having the perfect shoe can tie together any outfit. The reason I love Spring is that I get to start dressing super cute and I don’t have to wear a coat to cover up my outfits when I go out anymore. To start your Spring off on the right foot, I came up with a few shoe options that everyone should have in their wardrobe (for when this quarantine is over.)

  1. 1. Mules

    Dimi Boutselis-Frayed Jeans Fashion Shoes Denim White Wall

    Personally, mules of all kinds are my ideal everyday shoe. They’re so easy to dress up or down and you can slip them on so you don’t have to worry about wearing socks or anything. They’re so easy to style with jeans and a t-shirt or pants and a blazer, so they're versatile for any occasion. There are mule flats, but personally, I’ve always loved heeled mules because they’re more comfortable. Plus, who doesn’t love to feel powerful when they’re going on Target runs. Another benefit of mules is they’re close-toed so no one has to know that you haven’t gotten a pedicure since before quarantine. The ones I personally love the most are from Madewell, but there are also a ton of affordable options everywhere this time of year.

  2. 2. Slip-on Sneakers

    Melanie Pongratz

    A classic slip-on is the most iconic shoe for last-minute Spring and Summer ice cream dates with friends or late night trips for food. They look good with everything: leggings, jeans or even shorts. Vans are the most iconic ones, but places like Target have other options. I can’t even begin to tell you how many pairs of sneakers have been completely worn out in my lifetime. They’ve been my go-to shoe since I can remember.

  3. 3. Sandals

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    Clearly, I have an aversion to wearing socks during Springtime. I love being able to just put my shoes on and leave for a walk or just enjoying being outside for a little bit. Sandals have always been my first love for that, especially when I’ve gone out and spent actual money to get a pedicure. You can also get them for super cheap from places like American Eagle in so many different styles that it makes them an extremely wallet-friendly option. Plus, they’re easy to dress up, and as the weather warms up, they become an even better option.

  4. 4. Ankle Boots

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    Booties are a shoe that I don’t think anyone can get quite enough of. However, I always find myself switching from black booties in Fall and Winter to brown booties for Spring and Summer. You can get them heeled, flat, leather, canvas or literally anything in between. I have a few pairs that I always wear constantly that are leather because I find myself slipping into them to pull together any outfit. But, the first pair that I ever bought was from Rocket Dog and I wore them until they died. They still hold a special place in my heart, and for the price, they were totally worth it.

  5. 5. Platform Sandals

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    I won’t lie, my wedges don’t get as much wear as they should. I feel kind of guilty. Designer Shoe Warehouse always has so many options that it’s hard not to convince myself to buy a cute pair of Steve Maddens every time I go. They’re great for brunch dates with the girls when you want to feel like you have everything together. Plus, they make you feel taller, which is never a bad thing. I will ride the platform trend until it dies (which I hope is never.)

Like I said, if you're wearing the right pair of shoes, you'll feel unstoppable no matter what you're wearing. So, this is a great place to start!