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5 Masks To Wear During the Winter Season

While wearing masks and remaining six feet apart may not be what you had in mind this winter season, there’s always a way to make the best of this situation. These masks are still able to showcase your winter spirit while being fashionable in the COVID-era.

Nothing like a few snowflakes to say it's the winter season.

If you’re one of those people who enjoy the snow scenes during holiday movies, then this winter mask idea may be the right one for you! From simple snowflakes with a blue background to maybe even just one snowflake amplified, there are many snowflake mask options to showcase your spirit. 

Some delicious warm cookies to celebrate the cold.

The smell of cookies is in the air for this face mask idea. While you can’t eat it, it will look amazing and show off your spirit during this winter season. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to bake some snowman cookies.

Shine bright like a winter light.

Having a light design on a black mask includes all the colors and showcases your winter spirit. Any decoration used during the winter season can easily be placed on a mask. Not to mention, it can also bring out your unique personality. 

Do you want to build a snowman?

I think Ana and Elsa can approve this face mask idea. From snowmen to maybe even Olaf, this mask idea shows your winter spirit and maybe even releases your inner Disney child.

Hot chocolate, anyone? 

Besides the holiday menu from Starbucks, nothing screams winter like a nice mug of hot chocolate. With this face mask idea, you can emphasize how much you enjoy the winter season while showcasing your love of warm drinks. Some face masks have other winter icons, as well as hot chocolate, such as this one

However you choose to celebrate this season, hopefully these ideas made you eager to showcase your winter spirit. Don’t forget to mask up with these spirit-filled face mask ideas!

Sabrina Blandon is an American Literature major at NYU's CAS. Her Author Spotlight series features reputable writers such as Xiran Jay Zhao and James Murray, as she hopes to add onto the list.
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