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5 Ideas On What to Get Him for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has become a holiday associated with love, romance, and relationships. February 14 falls on a Saturday this year and many people are planning something special for their significant other. Despite being together weeks, months or years; it is a stressful task wondering what to get him for Valentine’s Day.

Will he get you a gift? Will you care if he doesn’t? How much do you want to spend?

It is best to come to a mutual understanding if you will be giving gifts. On the other hand, if you want to surprise him and don’t care if he shows up empty handed, then you go on with your bad self!

Gifts are great to give and it feels good to receive, but on a day meant to show your love for others, gifts aren’t everything. Valentine’s Day is special and take the day not only to show how much you care for your significant other, but also take the time to shower friends and family with love as well.

1. Cook up a Storm

Cooking may or may not be your strength. If it is something you and your S.O (significant other) enjoy, then you can make cooking a fun-filled date. You don’t have to spend much money on groceries and it gives you a chance to try out a new recipe. If cooking isn’t your strength then order a pizza or buy takeout, but put your own spin by getting the pizza in the shape of a heart or using the containers of take-out to spell out a valentine’s day related motto like “Be Mine”.

2. Photo Album

Scrapbooking is a fun way to document memories. Target sells scrapbooking supplies and photo albums ranging from ten to thirty dollars. If you are a couple that has many pictures together being silly or traveling the world then it seems this will be the gift he will adore.

3. Cologne

Guys that smell amazing are a weakness for many girls out there. Prices range depending on the size, store you buy from, and brand, but if chosen correctly it is a great purchase. Be positive on the scent, because you don’t want him to never use the cologne or worse, for him to wear it and it comes off too strong or reeks.

4. Tickets!

Does he enjoy playing sports, listening to music, visiting museums, or watching plays? Then another suggestion is buying some tickets to watch his favorite artist perform, his favorite team play, or watch his favorite play be reenacted. If he is passionate about something and really enjoys it then getting tickets to have the experience with him will be worthwhile.

5. DIY Coupon Book

Grab some construction paper, cut out a shape, jot down some coupons for him, and tie it together with a ribbon. A do it yourself coupon book is simple, inexpensive, and fun. You are able to jot down some thoughts such as “this coupon offers one massage,” or “this coupon offers one meal.” Spice it up and add your own twist to it such as adding activities for the both of you that will create laughs and memories. He will enjoy using the coupons as much as you will enjoy making them!

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