5 Guys You’ll Meet At Hofstra


Alright, so let’s talk boys. Hofstra’s got a lot of them. In fact, 47 percent of the undergraduates that attend the Hof are male. While that’s not the majority, it definitely isn’t slim pickings either.

While we don’t want to generalize, here are a few categories of guys that you are almost certain to meet in your four years here:

1. The Frat Guy

Greek life is major on Hofstra’s campus. You can’t walk through the Unispan without seeing Greek letters across the back of one of those windbreakers. While fraternity guys can sometimes get a bad rep for being major party animals, the frat guys on Hofstra’s campus are big on charity and brotherhood. They are some genuinely good guys. But don’t get me wrong, they throw some awesome parties as well!

2. The Super Ambitious Guy

There is no shortage of ambition on Hofstra’s campus. Students are known for getting internships in the city, networking at career fairs, and getting involved in pre-professional clubs on campus. Look out for the guy that is career-driven – he definitely is going somewhere in life (or at least after graduation). Also, guys in suits = hot!

3. The Nice Jewish Guy

Or Nice Christian Guy, or Guy-That-Starts-Charities, etc. These are the “take home to the parents” boys. They are typically very genuine and focused on helping others. Any time that a guy puts other people’s needs before their football Sunday needs, is a catch. Nice guys don’t always finish last!

4. The Foreign Guy

Fifty different countries are represented on Hofstra’s campus so those are some great odds. Also, many of Hofstra’s Division I athletic teams are made up of international guys. Not only does the gorgeous foreign guy have an accent to die for, but they may also need someone to show them around a bit or be their English tutor. Cue cliché romantic comedy inspired tutor and student love story.

5. The Local Long Island Guy

You’ll run into them everywhere and they can easily be identified by their “lawng island accent” and their overpriced cars. While the stereotypes can sometimes fit the local guys, they aren’t all tan Jersey-shore lookalikes. These guys are very useful for knowing the lay of the land on the island and have probably grown up going into the city as well. Also if they are from any of the beach areas on the island, they could be surfers, which we all know is pretty sexy.


Now that you know what to look for, get out there and meet some of the finest of Hofstra dudes. Report back with stories.