5 Fun Fall Date Ideas

Hello, Autumn! Ladies and gentlemen, we are well into the Fall semester and you know what that means…it’s cuffing season. You bought some cute seasonal clothing you’ve been dying to try on, the mornings and nights are crispy and cool, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in stock, and love is in the air. Here are ten different date ideas to show that special someone the wonders of Spooky Season. 


Fall Picnic

So, obviously a picnic is a good date idea at least three out of four seasons. That being said, there is something so magical about a Fall picnic. Just writing about it, I can hear the crunch of the leaves as you walk around looking for the perfect area to set up camp. What’s wonderful about picnics is that they can take place literally anywhere, whether that be in Central Park, on campus, or a random patch of grass that can fit two people and a basket. Bring a candle and a vintage picnic basket to make a $7 meal look like a luxurious dining experience straight out of a Nicolas Sparks book. Want to spice up any lull in the conversation? Bring a musical instrument to serenade them, or even a deck of cards or other portable game! The possibilities are endless, and even if the date doesn’t go well, you got some stellar sandwiches out of it. 

Photo courtesy of Chad Madden via Unsplash

Pumpkin Picking

Anybody who has ever experienced Fall probably understands just how fun and exciting pumpkin picking is. Why not share that excitement with a really cute guy or girl as you both prepare for the spooo0000oky holiday everyone loves? Because pumpkin picking is such a universally-adored fall activity, it’s pretty easy to find a patch near you. Don your cute scarf and jacket that have been patiently waiting in your closet for the perfect temperature and take your date to a pumpkin patch. Fun side-activities include but are not limited to: Pointing to the two ugliest pumpkins and saying “These ones are us!”, getting some hot apple cider once you’ve finished selecting your orange round squashes, inspecting the lone, rotting pumpkins out of both disgust and curiosity, and casually mentioning that you read somewhere that pumpkins are the best aphrodisiac. Pumpkin picking is truly peak Autumn aesthetic, and ought to be a beautiful, shared moment.


High Line and Chelsea Market

If there is one place in all of New York City that I could spend hours just roaming around, it’s Chelsea. The old brick townhouses and the cobblestone roads make every view seem like it’s straight out of a movie. The High Line is a 1.45-mile old track that was renovated into a walking area along the water in Chelsea, and it is a truly magical location in New York. Take your date and walk the path, talking about yourselves and getting to really know each other with a background of the bustling city on one side and the pristine water on the other. Afterwards, check out Chelsea Market and venture into the tiny shops filled with treasures, sweets, and a whole lot of amazing food. Get lost in Chelsea for a while and have an amazing date. 

Photo courtesy of Armand De Gramont via Unsplash


Haunted House

Do you scare easily? Great! Now is your chance to cling onto the shoulder of your date as you make your way through the perilous journey filled with ghosts, goblins, and obnoxiously bright flashes of light. Okay, so that’s only one kind of haunted house-- but there are also the kinds of historical haunted houses in the area that don’t have jumpscares, but still can be just as spooky. This date is the perfect way to avoid any awkward silences, since you guys will be too busy trying to run away from people in costumes who keep screaming at you anyways! When it’s all over, you can bask in the high of having escaped imminent danger and realize that you two were meant to be together all along. For those of us who don’t scare as easily, an alternative could be to go through the haunted house laughing at the ridiculousness of the people in costumes previously mentioned. Either way, you’re bound to get a great night out of it. 


Scary Movies and Baking Cookies at Home

Don’t want to break the bank? Or even leave your house? I’ve got you homebodies covered. There is truly nothing better than wearing super comfy clothing, turning off the lights, and watching a horror movie as you chow down on some sugar cookies with orange pumpkin decorations on them (you know exactly the ones I’m referring to). Depending on the circumstances, it might be best to save this kind of date for a second or third date rather than the first one. But even still, this date will create a totally relaxed environment where you can just be yourself and chill out. May I suggest buying some cheap fairy lights and stringing them around the TV? Additionally, you could make some hot chocolate or tea to accompany the cookies. Avoid the chilly Fall air and stay in for a chill date with that special guy or girl. 

Photo courtesy of Toa Heftiba via Unsplash


There’s so many different date ideas that go perfectly with this crispy season. And even if the date ends up being a disaster, you still got to do some type of Fall activity, so it was probably worth it! Good luck out there, young bachelors and bachelorettes.