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5 Female Music Artists Who Deserve More Attention

Music is a universal language. Though some songs are objectively more popular than others, that doesn't always necessarily mean they're better, especially since taste in music is completely subjective. Platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify have helped smaller artists emerge and grow, and they give everyone an opportunity to share their art. 

Since music is more accessible than ever before, it's so easy to find music you never knew existed. If you're looking for some new artists, specifically women, to add to your arsenal, check out my recommendations below. 


Emily King

I found Emily King through one of my favorite artists of all time, Sara Bareilles. She opened for Sara on her most recent tour, and I figured if Sara thinks she's good, I should probably check her out. 

I'm no music critic, nor is it something I frequently write about — but if I could, I would write a whole freaking novel about Emily King. The raspy quality of her voice is hot and I can't describe it any other way. Her lyrics are impactful, her beats are catchy... and don't get me started on her acoustic covers of her own music. Oh, also, sister has MOVES when she performs live. If you want to check out Emily, I'd recommend listening to her songs "Distance," "Look At Me Now," "Remind Me" and "Teach You - Acoustic."


Madison Cunningham 

I found Madison the same way I found Emily King — through Sara Bareilles. (Do we sense a pattern?) Madison Cunningham's talent transcends her age (22!!! she is 22!!!) I would categorize her as a singer-songwriter, but this girl's got guitar skills. She's one of those new artists who sounds like she's been writing music for 40 years, especially when reflecting on her lyrics. Also, her voice sounds like the best honey you've ever tasted. If you're looking to listen (which you should) I'd recommend "L.A. Looking Alive," "Pin It Down," and "Trouble Found Me." 

Corinne Bailey Rae

We've all heard "Put Your Records On," it's the quintessence of summer vibes — but Corinne is so much more than that one song. I can't describe her music as anything other than a warm, breezy hug. She is a wind chime personified; a beachy Amy Winehouse, if you will. If you want to listen, I'd recommend "Till It Happens to You," "Paris Nights / New York Mornings," and "Enchantment."

Lianne La Havas

I want to sleep with this woman's voice. Not in that way... I just want to nap with it. There's certain tranquility I get from her music, but at the same time, her voice and her messages are so powerful. I once read an interview of hers in which she said she describes herself as "R&B in some places, or soul, which is fine." My favorites by Lianne are "Green & Gold," "Tokyo," "Au Cinema," and her cover of "Say a Little Prayer" by Aretha Franklin.

Alice Kristiansen

I initially heard about Alice from a friend who sent me a link to her YouTube channel, which is chock full of stripped-down covers. Alice will send you to sleep crying... but not necessarily in a bad way if that makes sense at all. Her voice has an undeniable sweetness. Unfortunately, she doesn't have too many songs released on music platforms, but of the ones she does have released, I'd recommend listening to "Marilyn" and "Lost My Mind." You can find most of her work on YouTube.

Madeline is a journalism major at Hofstra University, and is a writer for HC Hofstra. If you're looking for her, you can probably find her at an Anthropologie, the beach, or eating peanut butter out of the jar.
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