5 Fall Activities To Do On A Budget

It is that time of year! The time where we yearn for sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes, while our wallets long for the money we once had before we spent it all on textbooks.  As we recover from the expenses of summer and the start of a new semester, here are five fall activities that can get you into the spirit without breaking your bank.

  1. 1. Pumpkin Painting and Sip (Mocktails) Night

    Paint and sip nights have become a huge girls' night out activity, but booking a session at most studios can be pretty pricey. To save some money and customize the canvas, why not purchase pumpkins and craft supplies with some friends, prepare a fall caramel apple pie mocktail with friends, and enjoy a night in for a fraction of the cost of a paint and sip session. Overall, this activity will average $35, even if you are buying all new craft supplies.

  2. 2. Host A Potluck

    Apple pies, pumpkin rolls, sweet potato casseroles, and more don’t have to be exclusive to Thanksgiving. All of these fall flavors are exactly what you need to get in the fall spirit. Plus, baking never fails to make the shift in seasons evident. Yet, baking from scratch, especially in a dorm, can be rather expensive to get all of the supplies and ingredients, so host a potluck for you and your friends to shop and bake together. By only preparing one dish and sharing supplies, it is extremely easy to have a full-blown Friendsgiving for less than $20 per person.

  3. 3. Make S’mores

    A campfire and s’mores always make it feel like fall for me. If you live in a place without a fireplace or pit, they oven-baked s’mores may be the way to go. All you need are marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate.

  4. 4. Apple Picking

    There is something about apple orchards that just scream fall vibes even more than pumpkins and Halloween. Going to an orchard is a cheap and fun way to spend the day. You only have to pay for what you pick, and once you have an abundance of apples, you are free to make all the apple dishes your imagination will allow.

  5. 5. Movie Night

    Whether you choose to go full out with a long list of horror films or keep it PG with Disney’s Halloween movies, a fall movie night is the best way to start off the season. For me, fall is all about coziness and family/friendship, so grab a few people, a fuzzy blanket, and some caramel popcorn to enjoy a feature film.

    My top suggestions are:

    Twitches (2005) – This Disney Channel movie about two twin witches (Tia and Tamera Mowry) who were separated at birth, follows the two sisters as they reunite, discover their powers, and join forces to save their kingdom from dark magic.

    Misery (1990) – Based on the New York Times bestselling Stephen King novel, this film follows Paul Sheldon, an author, who -- after a car crash -- has been rescued by a former nurse and massive fan of his work, Annie. Although, what begins as a seemingly innocent gesture of kindness develops into a dark obsession as Annie forces Sheldon to write the book ending that she wants.

    Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – Everyone’s favorite Claymation, this Tim Burton movie follows the king of Halloween Town, Jack Skeleton, as he discovers Christmas Town and tries to bring it home.

    Harry Potter (2001) – Perfect for all seasons and holidays, the Harry Potter franchise explores the wizarding world as eleven-year-old Harry Potter discovers that he is a wizard.

Please do go out and enjoy the good weather and pumpkin overload. It’s fall, y’all!