5 Clothing Stores That Offer Student Discounts

As the semester winds down, college students are pinching pennies more than ever to get through the last couple of weeks. But just because you’ve eaten ramen dinners for three days straight doesn’t mean you can’t blow off some steam in the form of retail therapy! To satisfy your shopaholic tendencies without hurting your wallet, head to the following places. They all offer 15% discounts when you present a valid student ID. Happy shopping! P.S.: Every one of these stores has a spot in the Roosevelt Field Mall.


Banana Republic: because who doesn’t want to look like Kate Middleton?


Warning: Once you step into Madewell, you may lose all self-restraint and/or track of time.


Get the pricey, preppy J. Crew look for less!


Still can’t get money off your mind? Pick out the ultimate job interview outfit at The Limited.


Move over, Kate Hudson—with your discount scores, you’ll be the new face of Ann Taylor.