The 5 Best Fall Pinterest Boards


Pinterest is brewing along with apple cider this fall season, as the biggest fashion trends and crafts are constantly flooding the boards of users. Many are using it to figure out the best Halloween costume, the spiciest recipes, and the best way to decorate their dorm. Fall-inspired boards are the best way to find what to wear out, how to decorate your dorm, and to distract yourself from all of those stressful midterms.


1. Fall-Inspired Fashion

This pinterest board is full of comfy fall fashions and ways to dress up your outfit. It’s filled with sweaters, scarves, and tons of handbags, because a girl can never have enough of those. Sweaters are definitely in this season, which is why this board highlights them best. For a girl with a love of sweaters, scarves, and season, you cannot pass up following this one. A fall board would be nothing without boots  and this board pins it best with some of the hottest boots of fall. Knee-highs and boots that cover every style out there appear here.


2. Fall-Inspired Food

Fall would be nothing without food, as Halloween and Thanksgiving fill up our stomachs to the brim. Although the board is not full of tips on how to shape up after filling up on amazing food, it is full of recipes that will have guests running to your door. Use this to host an awesome Halloween party, or to cook a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Pumpkins and apples fill this board and a perfect pumpkin butter recipe can be found there. This board is not something to pass up on because fall and food go hand in hand.


3. Fall-Inspired Entertaining

Grab a log and some pumpkins because this board will spice up any fall party you are planning. Entertaining guests can be intimidating, but after pinning some things from this board you will never stress about a party again. The centerpiece above will have your guests swarming to the tables and this board can help you keep them at the tables with recipes for dipped marshmallows and apple pie caramel apples. Top off the night with gift bags full of handmade caramels to give guests as they leave the party, find the recipe on this awesome pinterest board.


4. Fall-Inspired Decorations

Hosting a dorm room party or just want to decorate your room? These decorations could win you any contest or just a lot of attention, especially these cute little mason jar ghosts. These decorations are easy to make and cost very little, so this Pinterest board wont run you broke. This board is filled with some cute decorations for any time of year too and if you love glitter, you’ll spend hours surfing ideas on this board. Glitter pumpkins, glitter acorns, and glitter leaves, nothing short of a sparkling room will occur after a day on this pinterest.


5. Fall-Inspired Crafts

Do it yourself crafts are huge and this fall pinterest board is nothing short of a perfect way to fill your guilty pleasure. Want to spice up your room for thanksgiving? Grab some paper, ribbon, and a few markers to create these cute cornucopias to shower your dorm with. You might also want to grab a few acorns off the trees as you walk around campus because painting will never be fun without them after you glance at this board. Any fall craft that you can imagine, can be found on this board, and they’re all simple enough to do inside your dorm.