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4 Tips for Making New Friends When You Can’t Physically Go Out

Starting the semester virtually can be an upsetting situation for those eager to make new friends. While online classes are not ideal for the perfect college experience, it is important to remember that we're all in the same boat and everyone is looking for a friend to lean on. We all want to make the most of the circumstances, but it's easy to lose sight of the positive things in life. There are still so many ways you can make friends right now, and we're here to help encourage you to put yourself out there despite everyone being outside of the normal social scenes.

Go to the Virtual Ice Breakers

During the first few weeks it feels like every club is be sending out zoom code after zoom code to help you feel more involved during this virtual semester. As awkward as these events may feel, it's important to try and go to as many as you can. If your RA plans a movie or trivia night online with your floormates, you should make the effort to go! These can be great ways to find your people. Even if it is awkward at first, you can still find ways to bond with people through the smoke. It is also a good idea to plan your own virtual game nights with people on your floor or that you've scoped out in your online classes. It's important to take advantage of the first few weeks while everyone is still figuring things out together. 

Use Social Media to your Advantage

Since your online classes will take up most of your time this semester, you should try to become acquainted with your classmates. Look them up on social media and figure out their vibe. From there you can reach out to them and let them know you're in the same class with them and ask if they want to chat or meet virtually. 

Groupme is also a great form of keeping connected in college, especially now. During your class time (or soon after, please pay attention in class!), send out a link for a Groupme chat and you'll have an instant study group. Class groupchats are great for asking questions about assignments you're confused about and they're just as great for meeting your new classmates. Social media is there to keep us connected, so why not use it to your advantage when you need it now more than ever?

Join Clubs and Organizations on Campus

Although joining a club that is all online at the moment doesn't seem very thrilling, it's honestly the best way to make friends right now. Clubs are designed to help you meet people with similar interests as you, making it easier to create conversation.

Joining Greek Life is also very helpful in the "fast friends" department. Most people involved in clubs or Greek Life mention their membership in their Instagram bios, so reach out to anyone you see in a club that you're interested in. Hofstra has hundreds of clubs and organizations, so everyone is bound to find at least one that they fit into.

Become Friends with your Roommates 

If you live on campus, taking advantage of your roommate situation is the most convenient way to make friends and meet people. Whether you have one roommate or three, there are lots of ways to create quick bonds with the new people you're living with.

Schedule a movie night with them or pull out a card game. Many campuses have also made it so you can safely get lunch together, and take advantage of the outdoor space while it's still warm out. Make sure to bring your masks and socially distance from other students. If you make it a point to befriend your new roommates, you never know if they could become your forever people. 

Remember, these virtual times are not forever and everyone will be back to their regular college life soon. For right now, make the most out of this crazy situation and soon enough you'll have friends that will make these times more bearable. 

Taylor is a Senior at Hofstra University with a major in Journalism and a minor in Photography. She is from Nevada and is now having a wonderful time in New York!
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