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4 Things You Can Do In Your LDR To Remind Your SO That You Care About Them

Long distance relationships aren't fun for anyone involved. Nobody wants to be hours apart from someone they love, especially not for extended periods of time. Despite this, if you're in one, then it's most likely with someone who's worth the struggle. While LDRs aren't ideal, sometimes they're necessary, and there are ways to help out yours not become a "we just grew apart” story.

Send Literal Love Letters

When it comes to LDRs, a lot of the time you'll take any physical piece of your SO you can get. Whether this be one of their hoodies, a picture, or any object that reminds you of them, it's nice to have something you can hold in your hands (or maybe even cuddle). 

Taking the time to give your SO this kind of gift can help a lot in making them feel loved, and letting them know you're thinking of them. Try writing out a handwritten letter to them, maybe include a printed photo or drawing of you two, stick it in an envelope and mail it to them. If you want to really send some love you can even ship them a care package or a new stuffed animal friend to cuddle in your place.

Recognize What the Separation Really Means

You and your SO are living two separate lives in two separate locations. There are going to be times that they are spending time with people and it will suck that they can't do the same with you, remember that they're wishing they could. Put in the effort to make them feel like they're a part of your day-to-day life despite the distance. With that, also communicate what you expect from them and what is important to you.

Let Them Know When You Need Them

Communication is vital for success with LDRs. You can't find yourself hesitating to text or call your SO because you don't want to bother or "burden them" with your problems. It is just as much your job to ask them to be there for you as it is for you to be there for them. Being physically distant from one another does not change a thing when it comes to responsibilities of caring for each other.

Remember this Isn't Supposed to Be Easy

Managing the long distance will most likely be one of the most difficult parts of any relationship. There will be times you feel like you haven't seen one another in years, days you feel like you may never see them again and nights you miss just being near them so much you could (or will) cry. Knowing this, remind yourself what you're doing it for. If you can make it through this time apart, together, it will only make your time physically together even better.

[bf_image id="k5prgqrvp699r4t94n9csjj"] Long distance relationships, when worked through successfully, can make some of the strongest relationships. They prove that even though you may hate it, you can live independently from one another until the time is right. Remember that your SO is feeling the same way you are and counting down the minutes to be with you again. Welcome the hardships and let them make your relationship that much stronger. Put in the effort required and don't expect perfection.

Emma Stroka

Hofstra '22

Emma is currently a Junior Public Relations Major at Hofstra with a minor in Sustainability Studies.
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