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4 Red-Hot Valentines Day Outfits


Now that all of our neighborhoods in the Northeast are snowier than Santa’s headquarters, this might make you doubt the sultry Valentine’s Day outfit you planned in your head. (Snow and stilettos? Not a good combo…)

But fret not, your closet deserves a little credit, so combine new and old pieces for a cute/sexy/cool Valentine’s Day outfit or snag the statement pieces in this article. Either way, boyfriend optional.


If you and your S.O. are planning on a stay-in movie date…

Mark the occasion with a sheer red shirt (like this one from Madewell, $45) and stretchy blue skinny jeans. Accessorize with a long, delicate necklace that will attract attention to your collarbone. Make sure those bunny slippers don’t find their way to your feet. Just because you’re staying inside doesn’t mean you can’t wear your cutest heels. You’ll look flirty, not frumpy, and you’ll show your darling that you’re casual, but ready to be lured into V-Day-worthy cuddle session.


If you’re single and not yet willing to mingle… 

Put on your cutest, most whimsical red dress (try this sparkly number from topshop.com, $71) and overdress in the name of baby Cupid. Don’t be afraid of the temperatures; you can wear a dress in 20-degree weather if you opt for your warmest black tights and sexy black boots. Dress down that sexy bright dress even more by layering a cardigan or two over it, and don’t forget a skinny belt to finish off the ensemble. Just because you don’t have a date doesn’t mean you should stay in your dorm room in pajamas. Make it a girlfriend date and show off your red-hot style while enjoying hot cocoa and red-velvet cake!


your Valentine made plans, for once, and you’re going out to dinner…

Whether you’re going to the city or a few blocks away from home, feel confident and sexy by wearing a pink peplum top (chic and cheap options on Tillys.com) and sleek leather pants. A pair of heeled boots will get you through the trek and elongate your legs. Do wear a thick cardigan and coat if you’re afraid that you’ll freeze on the way there, but once you take it off, your bare shoulders and alluring decolletage will have your date seeing hearts. 


If you’re single and ready to mingle…

Remember, the weather is not your friend at night, so ditch the mini skirt for a pair of skinny jeans (try these red ones from Loft.com, $25), along with a pair of sexy booties. Your top will be the statement piece, so choose a fun S&M-inspired number, a paneled sheer-and-leather corset that will show off your body and cinch you at the waist. You’ll look fearless and fun—just keep a count of those shots—and have an awesome Valentine’s Day!

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