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4 Holiday Treats to Make This Year

I grew up baking tons of desserts during the Christmas holidays. Creative Christmas shaped sugar cookies were always made for Santa and gifts for friends. Baking is a fun family, or solo activity to keep you occupied during time off from school. Options are endless when it comes to recipes. You can find pretty much anything for cute holiday themed treats on Pinterest. Happy baking!


Cookies– options are endless with cookies. There’s a recipe for everything from eggnog to peppermint chocolate cookies. Here’s a link for twenty-five delicious Christmas cookies

Rice Krispy Wreaths these are a super cute idea for your holiday party. All you need is cornflakes and a few other simple ingredients!

Bourbon Balls being from the south, this was one of my favorite recipes, and still is. They are kind of labor intensive, you have to let the mix sit for two weeks to let the bourbon soak in. The wait is definitely worth it! 

Christmas Crunch mixes like a classic puppy chow, or fancy popcorn crunch are fun to put together. They’re also fairly simple to make. They’re great for parties and in a little bag as compliment to a gift.

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