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4 Holiday Gifts for Your BFFs

After years and years of gift-giving, it can be difficult to come up with something fun and creative to get for your friends. Especially during the holiday season when you’re trying to buy gifts for everyone, it’s not easy to achieve this without going over budget. These four gift ideas are perfect for your BFFS. They’re unique, fun, and can all be made using mason jars! Everyone will enjoy these thoughtful little items because they show how much you care, while also being practical and easy to make. 

1. Mason Jar Goody Bag

I have been making these cute mason jar presents for my friends for the past several years. The great thing about these gifts is that you can change it up and personalize it for each individual. Typically, I try to include an assortment of candies, chocolates, and a festive Chapstick, such as the owls shown above.


2. Memory Jar

Photo Courtesy of Pexels

If you want to make a gift that’s really personal, a memory jar is the way to go. There are many ways to go about this however, my favorite way to make this gift is to decorate the outside of the jar with all of your BFF’s favorite things and then write a compilation of fun memories, inside jokes, and anything else that defines your relationship on colorful pieces of paper. This is one of my favorite gifts to give because it takes a lot of time and thought.


3. Cake, Brownies, or Hot Cocoa in a Jar

Photo Courtesy of Pexels

For a sweet gift, giving a jar of cake, brownies or hot cocoa is my go-to. This is super easy to make and only requires that you buy all of the ingredients necessary to make the treat. Then, you just pour the proper amount of each ingredient into a mason jar, creating layers of all different colors. To top it off and add a pop of color, add a few small layers of sprinkles throughout the jar!


4. Candy in a Jar with a Thoughtful Poem

Photo Courtesy of Maira Gallardo

A thoughtful, handwritten poem attached to a decorated mason jar full of various types of candy is another fun way to incorporate something personal into a delicious gift. You can use the candy to make the jar look super colorful and paste the poem onto the front of it to show your BFF how much their friendship means to you.

The best holiday gifts come from the heart. Anyone could drop a ton of money on something fancy and expensive, but I believe that homemade gifts are the most thoughtful and authentic!

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