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4 Creative Couples Costumes

Aren’t you tired of wearing the same typical costumes with your significant other? Well I’ve found some creative couples costume ideas that will have everybody talking.  Typically, people go for cute, scary, funny, sexy costumes, so here I found some creative costumes for these categories.

1. The Cute Costume

If you and your significant other are looking for a cute and creative costume then I suggest being Pikachu and Ash from Pokémon! Not only is this costume creative, but it is also cute. I have seen plenty of DIY’s on Pinterest and online.  You also can try being cute cartoon characters like Popeye and Olive.

2. The Scary Costume 

If you are horror lovers and are looking to spook people out, I have found some great options like being Chucky and his bride or Dexter and his victim. These costumes can be even scarier if you add fake blood and white contacts.

3. The Funny Costume 

If you and your significant other are total clowns and want to have hilarious costumes this Halloween, but also be creative, try Juno and Paulie from the movie Juno. You can also be the characters from Napolean Dynamite.

4. The Sexy Costume 

If you are that sexy couple, but once again want to be creative there are plenty of options that apply to this category.  You can be Ariel and Prince Eric. Also you can be Sandy and Danny from the movie Grease.

Hi, my names Kayla Sanchez and I am in my second year at Hofstra University with a major in Fine Arts. I enjoy painting, writing, hanging out with friends and playing improvisation.
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