3 Benefits Of Being A Babysitter In New York City

New York City is not only full of many tourists and Broadway shows but also numerous babysitting jobs. While the act of babysitting is essentially the same no matter where you are if you are a babysitter in NYC you have more opportunities open to you than if you were living in rural Kentucky. Over the past year, I have met some of the best children in my neighborhood through babysitting and created friendships with families I would not have known otherwise. If you are looking for a summer gig to take up some of your spare time, then I highly recommend babysitting and here’s why.


  1. 1. New York City is Full of Places to Explore

    While most of my babysitting jobs happen inside of the home, sometimes you are able to take the children on an adventure outside of their living room. One time I took one of the children I was babysitting to a modeling photo shoot in Midtown which is not something that would typically happen in a smaller city. I took her on the subway, out to lunch, and even showed her around some of the city streets. While going into Manhattan is a treat, sometimes you also get to explore more of your own neighborhood. The other week I took two of my children to a family day event held at a local YMCA. Not only did the kids love going on the bouncy houses and getting their faces painted, but I was able to enjoy the company of other sitters and children at the event.


  2. 2. You Meet People From Different Walks of Life  

    New York City is home to millions of people from all over the world. While some of the families you will babysit for were born and raised in NYC, many are not and will share interesting stories. One of my most memorable encounters was with a mother I met who happened to be adopted and moved to NYC from Chicago. It was because of her that I learned more about the universe and how life works than ever before. She considered herself to be a natural healer and was extremely fond of inner reflection and growth. I thought it was all a myth until I met her. The passion she had for her profession as an acupuncturist and her genuinely caring heart helped me to realize that the world is full of so many amazing people that are highly unrecognized for their gifts throughout their lives. While not every family you meet is going to have a story, babysitting in NYC will increase the likelihood that you will meet people from all walks of life.

  3. 3. The Pay is Higher Than Other Places

    While becoming a babysitter is not going to make you rich, it is a very nice side project for teenagers and young adults looking to make some extra cash. The amount per hour varies based on neighborhood and family, but from my experience babysitting in NYC pays pretty well compared to other places. The starting rate in NYC is between $17-20/hr which is more than minimum wage. Not only is the pay good, but for the most part, you are provided with transportation and food which is a bonus. While it is always nice to make some spare cash, after a while the money becomes secondary as you develop nurturing relationships with the children you are caring for.


While babysitting is an enjoyable job for me, I realize it is not for everyone because it requires a lot of patience, emotional regulation, and hard work. If you are thinking about babysitting and live in New York, consider some of the benefits that might arise from finding families to watch within the NYC area.