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20 Stages of Going Home for Spring Break

At first, the excitement of no school work or campus food for a week kicks in.

It’s fine that you’re just going home because anything is better than being in class.

Besides, being home means getting to see friends and family!

Until you realize all your friends have different spring breaks than you or are actually going away.

Still, this leaves you with unlimited time to catch up… On Netflix, that is.

The first day of break is great because your family welcomes you with whatever you want.

You get cozy in bed with your favorite series and the cookies your mom baked you in the excitement to see you.

You start planning out a week of productivity – can’t skip out on the gym with all these home cooked meals!

Then the #SpringBreak2k15 Instagram pictures start rolling in.

You remind yourself of the money [and week-long hangover] you are saving yourself from.

Only to constantly be reminded by the tan and good times you’re missing out on.

So naturally, you go right to the tanning salon.

By the middle of the week, your parents expect you to be an active member of the household chores again.

While also trying to hang out with you because there’s no one else around for you to escape to.

You think of anything better to do than stay home; gym for the second time today or to visit my old high school?

By this time, you give up on even hiding your bitterness of not going away.

But before you know it, the week is over, and you’ve done nothing productive at all.

You can’t wait to get back, see your roommates again, and leave spring break in the past.

Until the next week consists of being filled in on what you missed on the “best spring break ever.”

But, hey, at least you got some more sleep than they did!

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