15 Things Every Girl Does in Winter

Girls, let's stand together and admit to doing at least one (or you know, 15) of these things every winter season. With no regret. Because we can.

1.     Refusing to shave your legs because pants.

2.     Stocking up on infinity scarves or as I like to call them, "fancy crumb-catchers."

Lenny Cravitz's scarf game is on point.

3.     Looking for a man for “cuffing season" AKA cuddling.

4.     Or being completely content spending countless hours in bed watching Netflix alone.

5.     Finding every possible excuse not to go out and stay in instead because it's so damn cold out there.

6.     Spending way too much money on Christmas decorations that you will take down in a few weeks.

7.     Finding every possible reason to get those three extra coats because one is fancy, one is casual, and one is just pretty.

8.     Hibernating from the evils of the gym because you're only ever naked underneath your clothes these days.

9.     Trying to drive with snow on your car because you're too lazy to brush it off.

10. Embarrassingly pulling out your Uggs – again.

11. Shamelessly searching Tinder instead of going out and meeting guys.

12. Online shopping. From the comfort of your bed.

13. Buying those basic specialty holiday drinks at Starbucks.

14. And fangirling like crazy when the red Starbucks cups come out.

15. Watching all 25 days of Christmas movies on ABC Family.