14 Memorable Mchebes Moments

Ah, McHebes. It’s the so-called best bar on the strip. The place young, underage college kids go to get drunk and have a good time. Between Ladies Night and their infamous holiday bashes, there’s always a good, or not so good, story that comes along with it.


Recently, I decided to scour the depths of Hofstra University’s campus to see what my fellow students really think of the bar up the street. This article is filled with their responses. So, in a Whisper-esque style, here’s a fun listicle about Hofstra students and their most memorable McHebes stories:

1. “I've met a guy at McHebes who was insisting that I should talk to him. I told him I wasn't interested in meeting a guy at a bar and going home with him. He promised me that he wasn't trying to take me home and that he was genuinely interested in me, so I made a joke and told him to propose to me if he was that serious about it. He ended up getting down on one knee in the middle of the bar and proposing to me! It was definitely a cute gesture and I think I gave him my number.”

2. “There was this one time I went to McHebes with my girls for Ladies Night. We were so not in the mood to dance with any guys, but they were pretty persistent that night. It must have been all the alcohol. Anyways, we ended up forming a super circle—sort of like a fortress—of girls to protect ourselves from them. Honestly, the looks on their faces were priceless.”

3. “It was my roommates’ last night at Hofstra. She decided she wasn’t coming back next semester, so my friends and I wanted to take her out for a good time. We ended up dancing on the bar all night. I’ve never done that before, but it was the best time of my life!”

4. “One time a guy blatantly grabbed my ass and then tried to have a conversation and buy me a drink after. That was so not happening.”

5. “This is going to sound a little crazy, but one night at McHebes me and a couple others were stealing beer from the taps when the bartender wasn't looking. Eventually, he caught us and threw cups at us to get us away!”

6. “So, my mom decided to visit me last weekend. There isn’t too much to do around Hofstra, so I figured I’d treat her to a night out at McHebes. We got drunk and let’s just say being at McHebes with your mom is not only embarrassing but super awkward—especially when she gets hit on by college guys.”

7. “One time I was making out with a girl in the corner of McHebes. The DJ saw us and invited us up to the DJ booth. I was pretty drunk and yelled at him, saying he was playing shitty music—He kicked me out.”

8. “I remember being at McHebes on Ladies Night and I was just chatting with some friends next to the bar. We already had our drinks and I definitely had a good buzz going on. All of a sudden, this random guy walks past me, taps my shoulder and says “hey.” When I turned my head to look at him, he whispers in my ear “you’re pretty,” kisses me on the cheek and walks away.”

9. “I totally saw this super-hot guy waiting at the bar. He was giving me the side eye, so I figured why not strike up a conversation, right? Turns out he was looking at my best friend… who’s a guy.”

10. “I got so drunk that I tried to make-out with the bouncer…”

11. “This isn’t a very good story, but there was this one time at McHebes that I totally lost my friend for a good hour and a half. I mean, I eventually found her drunk off her ass, twerking on the wall with some girls we didn’t know. When we walked back to campus, she put a traffic cone on her head and proceeded to run across Hempstead Turnpike with it.”

12. “I brought a guy back to my room from McHebes one night and didn’t realize my roommate was still there. She said she was going home for the weekend, but it wasn’t until after we were getting it on that I saw her turn over in her bed.”

13. “Here’s an awkward moment for you: I was dancing with my girlfriends when my ex walked into McHebes. He walked past me like, I don’t know, twenty times, before realizing who I was and trying to buy me a drink as well.”

14. “It’s pretty typical, but I once thought I brought home a ten, but woke up to a three. I should have known better—there are never any tens at McHebes.”


And there you have it—fourteen of the best McHebes accounts straight from the mouths of Hofstra University students. The next time you’re at one of the local bars, keep an eye out for epic moments like these. You never know when you’ll need a good story…