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The 10 Worst Pickup Lines HC Hofstra Has Gotten on Dating Apps

When it comes to dating apps, conversations are a hit or miss. Some of us here at Her Campus Hofstra have met our significant others on them! Others haven’t been so lucky. Whether we’re using Tinder, Bumble, Hinge or whatever else, these are 10 of the worst pickup lines HC Hofstra has gotten on these dating apps,  and we’re definitely just scratching the surface.

The Grandma Fighter

“He messaged both me AND my friend that he would chokeslam his grandma if we’d let him take us on dates. Then I accidentally matched with him on a different dating app a few months later and he said the same thing.”

- Cassity

The Feaster

“Dayyyuuumm! Are you a cake? Cause I want a piece of that 😉 Never mind you’re like a whole godd*mn buffet all I can eat I’m set for life 😍😍”


The Romantic

“I would let you beat the living f*ck out of me then take you out to a beautiful candle-lit dinner.”


The Mama's Boy

“I just feel like you would get along really well with my mom.”

- Allie

The Reader

“Not a pickup like, but when I asked a guy if he reads books, he said 'Yes, I read good books.' I obviously responded with '...what books?' only for him to respond with '*golf books' and I immediately died inside.”


The Not-So-Subtly-Problematic

“*Me being a Chinese-American woman on Tinder* ‘Can I take a guess and say you’re from Japan?’”


The Snacker

“Is this a vending machine? Because you’re lookin' like a whole snack.”


The Ellen Show

“I see you’re bisexual... well you’re in luck because I look just like Ellen.”


The Snapchat Ghost

 “Your Snapchat looks broken, want mine?”


The Farmer

“'Hey beautiful little goat.'”

- Anonymous

Moral of the story? Dating apps are one giant digital maze. Don’t get lost, kids!

Gabby Luftschein is a junior at Hofstra University with a major in Film Studies and Productions and minors in Public Relations and Creative Writing. As her major might suggest, in her free time she enjoys watching movies and TV, and she also loves turning anything and everything into earrings for her jewelry business. She is super excited for her first year as Her Campus's Social Media Director!
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