10 Shows You Probably Watched in Middle School That Are Still Good

Ah, middle school, the days of braces, awkwardness and discomfort in our own bodies. However, the TV shows in middle school were top-tier and truly made those preteen years worth living. With all this new extra free time, why not rewatch some of them? In no particular order, here are some phenomenal shows for the eighth grade classes of 2010-2013!

  1. 1. Victorious, 2010-2013

    Right off the bat, we have a classic Nickelodeon show with a talented and hilarious ensemble. Watching this show seven years later and seeing the fashion and hearing the songs will take you back to a simpler time of theslap.com and the perfect relationship that was Beck and Jade.

  2. 2. Shake It Up, 2010-2013

    The beginning of Zendaya’s major acting career, this show had it all: dancing, energetic pop music and those twins, Gunther and Tinka. Also, real fans will remember the stress and excitement that was the Make Your Mark dance contest.

  3. 3. House of Anubis, 2011-2013

    Sinuba. Ever since watching this show, I’ve had a dream of being the only American student at a British boarding school. Also, the cast is super attractive, so that should be reason enough to reel you in to watch it.

  4. 4. iCarly, 2007-2012

    Random dancing!!! This was the peak of those “xD” vibes and the characters were the OG YouTube stars. Also, this meme from Season 2, Episode 26 is extremely relatable, and some might even say the writers predicted our current climate with this exchange.

  5. 5. Wizards of Waverly Place, 2007-2012

    Alex Russo invented sarcasm and we should all thank her for it. Her crazy antics drove the plot and the “Crazy Funky Hat” song is a timeless bop. Also, remember when Justin dated a vampire who Alex’s werewolf boyfriend also dated? That show was crazy.

  6. 6. Big Time Rush, 2009-2013

    This show was the CREATOR of placing weird sound effects where they do not belong. Also, I’m no architect, but there is no way their hotel room could’ve been designed the way it is in the real world. Regardless, the show was hilarious and the band itself dropped banger after banger while it was on.

  7. 7. The Suite Life on Deck, 2008-2011

    The spin-off to The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, this show brought new characters and plotlines that continued to be a big part of our adolescence. The love stories that Maddie and London experienced all over the world truly made my young, hopeless romantic heart soar.

  8. 8. Sonny with a Chance, 2009-2011

    Demi Lovato’s acting debut was nothing less than perfect for her. The drama between the cast of So Random! and Mackenzie Falls was the most exciting thing going on for my 12-year-old self and it’s still just as exciting for my 20-year-old self.

  9. 9. Phineas and Ferb, 2007-2015

    Perhaps not all of the things that they show in the episodes are possible, but there are definitely things to draw inspiration from! If anything, the songs that came from this show are enough to turn any bad mood into a good one.

  10. 10. Hannah Montana, 2006-2011

    This show gave our generation the soundtrack to growing up. “One In a Million,” “Nobody’s Perfect” and “He Could Be the One” are songs that will always slap. The show taught us about friendship, love and being yourself. Oh, and just for the record, #TeamJessie.

I hope this list has given you some good old-fashioned nostalgia, and some shows to add to your “Things to Watch” list. Give yourself the rest you deserve, and maybe you'll have a few laughs along the way.