10 Reasons Why Hummus is Everything You Need


As I sit here eating my pretzels and Sabra, I can’t help but smile. Hummus and I have always had the ultimate relationship which got me to thinking….what is it that makes hummus so incredible? Here are a few of my thoughts.


1. There are so many flavors.

Hummus comes in all flavors. You’ll never get bored! Today I had SPICY FETA hummus. What?!

2. It's healthy.

This is a guilt-free relationship. You never have to feel bad about snacking because it’s CHICKPEAS! Hooary healthy snacking!

3. It's versatile.

Hummus goes great with pretty much everything. From vegetables to crackers to pita, hummus is always delectable. Never stop spicing up your dipping experience!’

4. It can help you become popular.

It’s a crowd pleaser. Whip out the hummus and you’ll always have people running to you. Basically, eating hummus can help build your social circle.

5. It's trendy.

Hummus makes you seem cultured. That’s always a plus.

6. It can be your only friend.

Hummus will never let you down. When everyone else goes out and you’re stuck on your couch watching Friends, hummus will always be there for you.

7. It's long-lasting.

I’m pretty sure it never goes bad, so you can always stay stocked!

8. Anyone can DIY.

It’s easy to make. Us cooking incompetent people don’t have to stress, hummus is almost impossible to mess up!

9. It can spark your creativity.

Hummus inspires really awesome blogs, like this!

10. Need I say more?

Basically, hummus is perfect.