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It’s Grammy season! This is my favorite time of year and it’s the best time for music of all genres. There are so many amazing nominees this year, but I’ve decided to list just a few of my favorites.

1. Sam Smith

Congratulations to Sam on his multiple nominations!! His voice is incredible and his songs are so emotional. Sometimes they make me just want to give him a giant bear hug and tell him everything will be okay.

2. Ed Sheeran

Whether he’s performing an intimite show with just his guitar or he’s playing at Madison Square Garden for thousands of fans, Ed is a showstopper. His lyrics are mindblowing and his voice is like a sweet lullaby. He’s adorable and talented.

3. Bastille

Bastille is a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s music from their album “Bad Blood” or their song, “No Angels,” a remix of TLC’s “Scrubs” and The xx’s “Angels” (from Other People’s Heartache pt. I), it’s sure to get stuck in your head.

4. Meghan Trainor

Look out world cause Meghan Trainor is coming and she is not backing down! Her dynamic voice and “boy, don’t mess with me” attitude are two qualities that make her such a hit!

5. Hozier

Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” has been blowing up the charts. I can’t remember a single time when the song has come on that people haven’t been singing along to it.

6. Beyonce

Queen B is still slaying on a day to day basis!

7. Iggy Azalea

Iggy’s already got two AMA’s under her belt for Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Album and Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Artist. The rap world better watch out cause she’s taking it by storm!

8. Miranda Lambert

Miranda is getting the recognition she deserves. Just as her song “Somethin’ Bad shows, she’s not afraid to own up to who she is and that’s what makes her such a powerful woman. Her music will have you singing and dancing along no matter where you are.

9. Pentatonix

Pentatonix has been taking over YouTube and for good reason! Their a capella covers on their YouTube channel will have you clicking video after video until you’ve been listening to them for hours on end.

10. Taylor Swift

Taylor is doing what she does best – making music. Her album, 1989, makes everyone want to get up and dance. If her upbeat, relatable and catchy music isn’t enough to convince you then her sales record should!

There are tons of categories for the Grammys, 83 to be exact, so of course there are tons of people I didn’t mention. Good luck to all of the nominees though. I can’t wait to watch and see what happens!

Aspiring journalist at Hofstra University with a passion for pop culture and music.
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