10 College YouTubers To Inspire You During Finals

While most YouTubers are known for their controversial videos, comedy skits or extreme makeup tutorials, there is a new breed of girls taking over: college girls. In need of outfit ideas for sorority recruitment? In desperate need to see a real girl’s dorm? Interested in what a typical day looks like from a student at your dream school? You’re guaranteed to find a video! College girls are the new Instagram models in my eyes. They’re able to balance school, friends, and extracurriculars all while getting a degree. In the midst of finals season, here are 10 girls from around the country to encourage you to reach your potential- in no particular order.


Danielle Carolan (Sophomore, University of Georgia)


Danielle has been on YouTube since she was in junior high and has allowed her audience of over 500,000 subscribers to see her grow up. A full-time marketing student and member of Kappa Delta sorority at UGA, she also manages to make a weekly podcast with her best friend and hit up an Orangetheory workout session multiple times a week. Check out her videos as Danielle documents weeks in her life from a classic southern college football game to flying off to New York or LA on the weekends.





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Michelle Reed (Senior, The King’s College)


My inspiration throughout high school, Michelle is from a small Texas town and lives right in the hustle and bustle of New York. Michelle is open about her Christian faith and is candid about dressing modestly and reveals how she balances being a modern girl in the hectic city environment. 





Katie Horan (Junior, University of Alabama)


Katie is a marketing major currently living her best life as she studies abroad in Spain, where she frequents Europe as all young girl bosses do. While being open about not having everything together, Katie gives her audience insight into how she manages to juggle school, her faith and finding a career. Somehow, she still manages to hit the gym daily.





Margot Lee (Junior, Syracuse University)


A New York native, Margot is a Public Relations major and member of Delta Delta Delta sorority on her campus. Margot documents the highlights of her college life and often discusses her plans for success through the art of manifestation- my newest obsession. While keeping up an internship and school, she also just came out with a gold-plated necklace as her first merch product. This girl is making moves.





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Ella Snyder (Sophomore, The Parson’s New School)


A full-time model, YouTuber, and student, Ella Snyder is living her best life in the heart of Manhattan. Earlier this year she opened up about her struggles not only at school but with her mental health as well. A Boston raised girl, Ella discusses how it’s normal to be a college student who sometimes needs to talk to a therapist and has nearly no money in their bank account. We all need someone this real in our lives.





yesterday was one of the first times i’ve felt happy all semester, hope ur all doing ok

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Georgia Bridgers (Junior, University of Cincinnati)


Georgia rose to online fame last year after posting a video in which she let her mother ask her candid questions about her bisexuality. She gained famed after speaking candidly about being an openly bisexual president of Theta Phi Alpha sorority and is currently in the cutest LDR relationship with her girlfriend, Tori. Georgia now speaks openly about her coming out experience, working as an activist to break down stereotypes in Greek life.





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Brooke Miccio (Senior, University of Georgia)


One-half of the Gals On The Go podcast with her sorority sister Danielle, Brooke is a senior at UGA who often opens up about her struggles for post-graduation plans. A YouTube native for over five years, Brooke has allowed her audience to see her grow from a Long Island teen to an early twenties woman.





Jennifer Zhang (Junior, New York University)


Building up over 1 million subscribers as YouTube’s crafty queen, Jennifer is a Canadian girl who is a media studies student in the heart of Manhattan. Update: Jenn recently announced that after two years she has withdrawn from NYU in order to develop an educational path that she feels truly passionate about. While she may not be a student, there are plenty of videos on the lifestyle of being at NYU and will now document her life now being an official college drop out (and potential transfer student).





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Liya Hizkias (Sophomore, Loyola-Marymount University)


Edgy style icon Liya moved from Tennessee to sunny California to pursue a degree in the communications field. Last year Liya built a personal connection with her audience when she revealed that her father tragically passed away during her first semester freshman year (sis still managed to make the dean’s list). Liya also uses her platform to pursue her interests in comedy, making her that much more fun to watch.



Paige Secosky (Junior, Pace University)


Pennsylvania native Paige Secosky is a fashion business student at Pace University, where she can be found studying in local cafes and shopping in the interim. If you’re like me and love interior decorating and the latest trends, this is the channel for you.





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