5 Places HPU Students Go to Chill Out

1. North Carolina Zoo | Asheboro, North Carolina

The best way that I've found to destress before or during midterms is going to the zoo. Who doesn't love animals? It is totally worth the 40-minute drive from HPU if you are having a bad day or just a slow week. I went there this weekend and even though it was still cold and windy outside, I wanted to stay there for hours. 

2. Friendly Pets at Friendly Center | Greensboro, North Carolina

In general,  I think that animals are always going to help you feel less stressed out...especially during midterms. Getting to play with various types of puppies, birds, bunnies, ferrets, you name it! It's a good for your midterm determination, too, because passing them is going to help me graduate, thus, get a job which will help me to afford an adorable puppy...or six.

3. City Lake Park | Jamestown, North Carolina

Whenever I don’t feel like studying or finishing homework on the campus, I take the time to unwind at the City Lake Park. Being around water is always something that keeps me calm, cool, and collected. On a nice day, it's a great location for sunbathing, playing cornhole, or having a barbeque with friends.

4. South Park Mall | Charlotte, North Carolina

Even though it's located an hour or so from campus, the South Park Mall is a prime location to get my shop on. Shopping is a big stress reliever for me, and this is one of my favorite malls ever because of the diverse stores and food options they have. The city of Charlotte is just a favorite of mine in general! Amelie’s Bakery is one of my favorite French restaurants to visit whenever I am in the Charlotte area with my friends.

5. Spare Time Lanes | Greensboro, North Carolina

Bowling has always been a nice, unique way to de-stress, especially when I can do it with a group of my friends, or when traveling to Charlotte or Asheboro just isn't practical. Bowling isn't the only activity that Spare Time offers...it also has good food, and laser tag! What a better way to vent all of your stress but with fake violence, throwing heavy objects (i.e. bowling balls) and good comfort food?