A Year-End Reflection

The year is coming to an end. It must have been very eventful and brought along many lessons. It is good to be aware of the growth and the way in which your life is going. Right now is the best time to reflect on the past year, finish undone projects and start to plan goals, habits and life for the next year. There is still almost a month left, which means plenty of time to get started. If you want to finish your year with a clean plate and have space for new things, keep reading. 

Reflect on learned knowledge 

It this time to acknowledge all the lessons you have learned, the challenges won and goals accomplished. It is good to keep track of our lives, about where we are going and how far we have already gone. Take your time to reflect on all the things that have happened during the year 2018. Refresh your memory by going throw the pictures you have taken or read your diary. You will see how many things have happened and how much you have changed just in the past months. Take full credit for all the accomplished things and appreciate yourself for doing your best. Many times the changes happen little by little so you do not even notice how far you have come.  

Finish the undone business

Like many of us, you may have projects and personal goals, which are more or less in the process. Now is the golden time to work on things you have avoided. It is a human thing to procrastinate and postpone important things, but you can make a choice to do otherwise. Think about all the things you have started but forgot to do. You may also choose the thing that has been on your to-do list for the whole year. It can be anything from learning to use a period cup you bought years ago to finally finishing the already late essay.

Now get to work. Make an action plan, put it in your schedule or make it a part of your routine. If it does not really excite you, just think about how relieved you will be after finally getting it done. You may also have those things that bother or stress you. But unless it seems insignificant, like really useless, try to just forget about it. Our time is limited and it is best to choose the most important ones to focus on. By choosing this option you have to let it go. Then it is not allowed to use time to worry or stress about it. In the end, even if you are not able to finish it by new year it is fine. The most important thing is that you are already working on it and have a plan to get it done. 

Get started with your new goals and habits 

Finally, you can move on to new projects and goals. With all the new wisdom and space you can effortlessly let the new goals emerge. Start the healthy habit you wanted to incorporate in your life. It can be long term or short term goal. Also, write your new years resolutions in as much detail as possible. Write down all the things you really want in your life. Make sure you are specific, so it is easier to choose where to focus.  If you start it now, you will be ahead of the game when others are just planning to begin in January. By starting now you already have it in your schedule, and it is more likely that you will continue the effort next year.