Why Trying Drama Might Be Good for You

Have you ever thought that theatre might be your thing – if you were more outspoken or were not that shy? Scrap those thoughts, go out there and try! Here is a three-point list of why trying drama might be good for you.


It might help you with stage fright

It’s not one or two times I have heard someone saying that they are afraid of giving a speech in front of people, but they feel at ease when acting a part in a play. Pretending to be someone else and living their life for a while can be an adventurous and exciting experience. In the best scenario you will forget about the audience watching you as an actor, and instead focus on how the character and the story could be best interpreted for the people who have come just to hear a story. Usually, a play is industriously practiced, and anyone can learn their part – it is a great way to practice how to be on stage, because you gain a lot of confidence from training and receive a lot of support from your co-actors.


Learning how to improvise is helpful

At least in a more casual drama group or club you can learn how to release your inner fears of not being accepted and learn how to improvise in relaxed atmosphere. Improvising is always an important part of practicing for a play, because it helps you to unchain your imagination and step in the shoes of different characters. Improvising will help you to bring something of your own to the characters, scenes and dialogue of the play, even if you are acting based on a prepared manuscript. This way you will bring your own ideas to the stage and present them in front of the audience, bit by bit, and maybe receive some positive feedback. This will help you to introduce your own ideas in the future too, in form of speeches, scripts and so on.


It’s a great way to make friends

No one does theatre alone (well, almost no one) – there is always the director, costumier, lighting director, perhaps the playwright – and in most cases there are also the co-actors. Just like a football team feels more united than ever right before an important game, a team of actors can all feel the pulsating excitement right before the premiere and sharing this experience with everyone is one of the most effective ways to make friends. Theater is one of the hobbies that include a lot of obligatory interaction with others and you learn new things about them and make friends quite easily – this is a great tip for also those who find it difficult to make friends as young adults!