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Dear readers,

’Tis time: autumn has officially arrived. It always feels as a fresh start marking the transition from summer to winter, watching leaves turn and being surrounded by the exquisite autumn colours. In other words, make some tea, get that blanket and under the covers. It’s time for some Netflix. Here are four series you’re going to want to binge-watch. 

  1. Gilmore Girls

7 seasons, 153 episodes. A series one can watch over and over when there’s a sense of a new beginning (or stress). Get your autumn vibes up by chilling with Rory, Lorelai and the rest of the gang. You can also try to track all the 339 books  brought up in the series. Up for a book club?

2. Downton Abbey

It’s back! Who could resist a peek into a magnificent post-Edwardian setting and the lives of people under the British social hierarchy: the aristocratic Crawley family with their servants, seeing the impact the events at the time have on their lives. Robert Crawley’s family heirs die in the Titanic and losing the family estate is at risk. Plot twists, drama, sympathetic characters, and last but not least, Maggie Smith. What more do you need?

3. Good Girls

The fourth and the last season of the show is here! What are three suburban mums to do in order to escape financial ruin and to gain independence? Rob a supermarket and the rest will follow. Unbeknownst to them, “the rest” isn’t exactly what Beth, Annie and Ruby expected. Will they get caught? How about Rio? How about his and Beth’s sexually charged relationship? Turn on the tv to find out!

4. Lucifer

Guess who’s back? Yes, he’s back! The new season of Lucifer is out on Friday September 10th. Will Lucifer and the detective’s relationship finally blossom? How about Maze, one of the most amazing villain-of-a-kinds ever seen on TV (the development of the character throughout the series is indescribable!). This gets me thinking, why are practically all the bisexual women on shows presented as emotionally unstable villains with commitment and trust issues? Let’s keep this in mind when watching the show. 

Now, let’s put those sweatpants and kettles on and get ready for a series-a-thon!

Helsinki Contributor
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